Sushmita Sen recovers from heart attack: 8 essential tests to keep your heart ticking

On Thursday, actress Sushmita Sen said on Instagram that she suffered from a heart attack a few days ago and has been doing fine after angioplasty. "My cardiologist reconfirmed ‘I do have a big heart’" she said

Sushmita Sen suffers
heart attack

Recently, death of popular celebrities like TV actor Siddhaanth Vir Surryavanshi, comic Raju Srivastav, South Indian actor Puneeth Rajkumar, singer KK grabbed headlines as they all died due to heart-related ailments

Recent heart attack cases

WHO says 17.9 million people worldwide die from cardiovascular illnesses every year. At least 85% of these people die from asymptomatic heart attacks and strokes, with no prior history or symptoms of cardiac disease

WHO data on heart health

Timely examinations recommended by your cardiologist will help you monitor your heart health better. With the number of heart attack incidents increasing recently, here are eight tests that experts suggest one should get done to keep the heart healthy

Tests to detect heart

The domain of cardiovascular problems is frequently thought to be entered through cholesterol levels. It is advised to keep a regular check on your cholesterol levels to keep the heart problems at bay

Cholesterol tests
(lipid profile)

Typically, an ECG lasts five to ten minutes. It can be done by strapping sensors to the chest, arms, and legs without any additional preparation or fasting and will record the heart's rhythm and electrical activity to find its health condition


An echocardiogram uses ultrasonography to look at heart's condition. It is a non-invasive, safe procedure that typically takes no longer than an hour. It aids in the diagnosis of disorders such as congenital heart disease, cardiomyopathy, and many others


In this test, an individual is made to walk on the treadmill, and simultaneously, their ECG is recorded. The heart rate and blood pressure variations during the entire test procedure are monitored and analysed to check for any irregularities

Treadmill test

Lipoprotein is a blood test that doesn’t require any specific preparation. Lp (a) is more dangerous than LDL because of the presence of an apolipoprotein compound in it, which forms cardiac blockages that need to get checked regularly

Lipoprotein (a)

This test usually takes 10 minutes, where images of the heart are taken to identify existing calcium deposits called calcifications in the coronary arteries, which could predict future coronary events

Coronary calcium scan

If there is a creatinine increase along with a protein leakage in the urine in the case of a person with diabetes, it is more likely that the individual might have heart disease. Getting this test done regularly will help you stay healthy

Creatinine test

Diabetes may also cause vascular problems. It might immediately affect the body's blood vessels and nerves. It is crucial to check fasting, postprandial, and HBA1c glucose levels periodically

Blood sugar levels

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