Biryani, Samosa And More: What Swiggy Delivered The Most In 2022

Swiggy is back with its yearly mouth-watering wrap of most ordered food items throughout the year. Here are the most ordered dishes and snacks on the food delivery app

Swiggy India in 2022:

For 7th year in a row, Biryani is the most ordered dish on the app. Swiggy said a new record was created in 2022 when 2.28 biryani orders were made per second

Biryani: The Unbeatable
Winner on Swiggy

Other delicious dishes that made it to Swiggy’s most-ordered list are:
- Masala Dosa
- Chicken Fried Rice
- Paneer Butter Masala
- Butter Naan
- Veg Fried Rice

Swiggy in 2022: Top 5
Ordered Dishes

Samosa topped the 10 most ordered snacks in Swiggy’s list in 2022 with a total of 4 million orders

SAMOSA: Your Preferred Tasty Snack

Top 5 mouth-watering snacks, apart from Samosa, that made it to Swiggy’s most-ordered list are:
- Popcorn
- Pav Bhaji
- French Fries
- Garlic Breadsticks
- Hot wings

Swiggy Wrapped 2022: Most Ordered Snacks

Gulab Jamun was the most ordered dessert of the year with 2.7 million orders

Gulab Jamun: Your Favourite Dessert on Swiggy

Other 5 sweet dishes that topped Swiggy’s list of most ordered desserts are:
- Rasmalai
- Choco Lava Cake
- Rasgulla
- Chocochips Ice Cream
- Alphonso Mango Ice Cream

Swiggy: Most Ordered
Desserts in 2022

Swiggy has also revealed the top 6 cuisines sold by Cloud Kitchens. They are-
- North Indian
- Chinese/Pan Asian
- Biryani
- Desserts/Ice cream
- Burgers/American
- South Indian

Swiggy India 2022: Most Ordered Cuisines

Swiggy revealed that Indians were in the mood to experiment this year and ordered dishes like Italian Pasta, Pizza, Mexican Bowl, Spicy Ramen, and Sushi

Indians Leaving Their
Comfort Zones: Swiggy
Wrapped 2022

Swiggy delivered its first orders in Srinagar, Port Blair, Munnar, Aizawl, Jalna, Bhilwara this year

Swiggy Expands
Horizons In 2022

Now that you know what was ordered the most on Swiggy India in 2022, did you experiment with your food choices this year or take comfort in your guilty pleasures?

Swiggy Wrapped 2022

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