Swiggy Instamart Weird Searches 2022: Petrol, Underwear, BED

Swiggy Instamart: It’s not just groceries

If you think that Swiggy Instamart users just search for general grocery items, then you are terribly wrong!

Swiggy Instamart 2022: Top ‘weird’ searches

Swiggy has revealed some of the top searches that Instamart users searched for throughout 2022 -- and they are not what one would expect. Let’s have a look (in no particular order)

Underwear: Weird Swiggy Instamart searches

Clearly the users of Swiggy Instamart did not understand the assignment and ended up searching for 'underwear' for almost 8,810 times on the app

Swiggy Instamart

Mommy was among the top weird Swiggy Instamart searches, searched for almost 7,275 times. Go figure!

Top Weird Instamart Searches: Petrol

People searched for 'petrol' almost 5,981 times on the online grocery platform. Did people search petrol out of curiosity or was it an earnest search? We will never know!

Sofa on Swiggy Instamart?

Looking for comfort food is all okay...but comfortable sofa?! Sofa was searched for 20,653 times, if you can believe...

Swiggy Instamart: Search for a bed

If sofa made it to the list, can the humble bed be far behind? Swiggy Instamart users searched for bed almost 23,432 times

Groceries Worth More Than Rs 16 Lakh: Swiggy Instamart

A Bengaluru Swiggy Instamart regular customer, ordered groceries and essentials worth Rs 16.6 lakh through the app in 2022

Swiggy Instamart's whopping Diwali order

Another customer for Bengaluru made a single order of Rs 75,378 during Diwali while a Pune man spent Rs 71,229 while treating his team at work with burgers and fries

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