Teen Wolf: Boy From Madhya Pradesh Suffers From Werewolf Syndrome 

A 17-year old boy from Madhya Pradesh suffers from an unusual illness called hypertrichosis or the ‘Werewolf syndrome’ characterised by excessive growth anywhere on the body 

Werewolf Syndrome

Lalit Patidar, a resident of Madhya Pradesh has had hypertrichosis since birth, however, he didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary till he was a teenager. Patidar has hair all over his face now

Hypertrichosis Since Birth

The teenager told the media that when he was younger, he was often thrashed with stones and children were afraid of him as they thought he would bite them like an animal

Madhya Pradesh Hypertrichosis Case

Lalit Patidar noticed that hair started to sprout all over his body when he was around 6 or 7 years old

Changes Around The Age of 6-7

Since there is no treatment for hypertrichosis, Patidar claims he uses bleaching, cutting, shaving, waxing, lasers, and other hair removal techniques to try to keep the hair at bay

No Treatment

Werewolf Syndrome or hypertrichosis is the excess production of hair, either in one specific area or all over the body

What Is Werewolf Syndrome?

Werewolf syndrome is an incredibly uncommon disorder and there is no known treatment for this ailment

No Treatment For Werewolf Syndrome

Some kinds of hypertrichosis can be controlled with medicine, according to medical professionals. People suffering from this ailment can use techniques like shaving, epilation, waxing etc to get rid of the hair

How To Control Hypertrichosis 

The causes of hypertrichosis are not well understood, though this is a form of disease that tends to run in families

Hypertrichosis: A Hereditary Disease

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