Coldest City In The world: Russia's Yakutsk Lives In -51°C

World's Coldest City:

Temperatures have dropped to as low as minus 50 degrees Celsius (-58 Fahrenheit) this week in Yakutsk region of Russia located in Siberian city

Russian City Of Yakutsk

Known as the coldest human region in the world, Yakutsk is located 5,000 km east of Moscow on the permafrost of the Russian Far East

Winter Temperature
In Yakutsk

With a population of around 3.60 lakhs, the mining city often sees the thermometer drop well below minus 40 degree Celsius

Yakutsk's Temperature
Could Dip Further

This week, the city broke all the records with temperature falling to minus 50. Local weather services have further warned that temperature could sink as low as minus 62 degree Celsius

Yakutsk's Residents'
Daily Life

Visuals of residents in the coldest city on the planet are doing rounds on social media. The videos and photos show the residents 'wrapped like a cabbage'

Current Scenario Of Yakutsk

According to locals, pipes are bursting, heating tanks are breaking down, and everything is hard frozen. The situation is extremely hard in the region

Fighting The Cold

Residents of Yakutsk told news agency Reuters that there was no special way to fight with the cold. 'You can't fight it. You either adjust and dress accordingly or you suffer'

Yakutsk's Inclement

Winter is at its peak in Yakutsk from December to February. Living becomes difficult in the winter, however, markets do not close in the region irrespective of the weather

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