UNESCO ICH List 2022: French Baguette, Cuban Light Rum And More

UNESCO has released its list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity for 2022. The latest addition to the list includes the French baguette, Holy Week in Guatemala and beekeeping in Slovenia among others

UNESCO ICH List 2022

UNESCO ‘intangible cultural heritage’ which includes “oral traditions, performing arts, social practices, rituals, festive events, knowledge and...

What is UNESCO’s
ICH list?

...practices concerning nature and the universe or the knowledge and skills to produce traditional crafts”, was established in the year 2008

What is UNESCO’s
ICH list?

Beekeeping in Slovenia,
a way of life

The importance of beekeeping in Slovenia is reflected in its rich terminology, academic, literary and folklore texts, art and architecture. A centuries old tradition, related knowledge, skills...

Beekeeping in Slovenia,
a way of life

...and practices are passed over generations. Bees are kept mostly in wooden apiaries near beekeepers’ homes. Communities express a loving and respectful attitude towards bees

The baguette is the most popular type of bread in France. Baguettes require specific knowledge and techniques. France nominated the baguette as a candidate for consideration within the UNESCO ICH list due to a steady decline in the number of artisanal bakeries in the country

Baguette bread
from France

Holy Week in Guatemala

Holy Week is a religious and cultural celebration that commemorates the passion, death and resurrection of Christ. It is one of the most notable events in the country, entailing processions, funeral marches, seasonal gastronomy and the creation of carpets, orchards and altars

Cuban light rum emerged in 1862 in the city of Santiago de Cuba. The Cuban light rum masters’ knowledge is a set of traditional, scientific, sensory knowledge and techniques transmission that ensures the safeguarding of the Cuban light rum manufacturing process

Cuban light rum

Manual bell ringing
in Spain

Bell ringing has served as a means of expression and communication in Spain for centuries. It is also a central part of local events, celebrations and performances

Talchum, mask
dance drama in
Republic of Korea

Talchum is a performing art that encompasses dance, music and theatre. An ensemble of six to ten musicians accompanies masked performers who humorously explore social issues through dramatic combinations of songs, dances, movements and dialogue

Others in the list

Some others included in the UNESCO ICH list are the Kalela dance from Zambia, Turkmen-style needlework art, Al-Khanjar, craft skills and social practices in Oman and Hungarian string band tradition

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