Gurugram techie offers ‘boyfriend on rent’ services to single women on Valentine’s Day 

Gurugram man offers ‘boyfriend on rent’ service

31-year-old Gurugram techie Shakul Gupta has offered ‘boyfriend on rent’ services for this Valentine’s Day 

Began offering services
5 yrs back

Gupta began offering dating services to single women around 5 years back and has gone on more than 50 dates so far. He also clarified his intentions are neither commercial nor sexual

Gupta said in his Instagram post, “And so I’m here to put myself out this V-Day again as a “boyfriend on rent.”

‘Can give you the best
date of your life’

If you’re feeling lonely or are in need of companionship, feel no shame in renting me so that I can give you the best date of your life!”

‘Can give you the best
date of your life’

Wants to do away with loneliness in Valentine’s

Gupta says, “I’m a generous and open-minded man. I can give you my shoulder to lean on or be your friend this V-Day. 

Wants to do away with loneliness in Valentine’s

I can double up as your make-up practice model, or if you prefer being lazy, I can make any kind of food while you relax!”

What does he want from his date in return? 

After the Instagram post went viral, Internet users bombarded him with questions and asked how much he charged for his services. He said that his services are free and that all he expects in return is a smile from his date 

People celebrate Valentine’s Day on Feb 14 every year to celebrate love for their partners by spending time together, exchanging gifts, and expressing their feelings

Valentine’s Day celebration

Soon after February 14, those who don’t enjoy Valentine’s Day celebrations observe Anti-Valentine’s week from February 15 (Slap Day) to February 21 (Breakup Day)

week 2023

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