‘Enemy’ actor Vishal escapes near-death accident on Mark Antony set

Tamil actor Vishal escaped unhurt in a near-death accident while shooting for Mark Antony. The actor took to social media to say that he, luckily, escaped. He said he was back to shooting

Tamil actor Vishal's
near-death incident

In a now-viral video on Twitter, Tamil actor Vishal can be seen sitting on the ground. Soon after, an out-of-control truck can be seen entering the set 

Vishal nearly hit by
a truck on set

The crew on set then clears the path as the vehicle approaches and moves Vishal to safety as the actor failed to react promptly 

Crew moves Vishal to safety

Sharing a video of the incident, Vishal wrote on Twitter, “Just missed my life in a matter of few seconds and few inches, thanks to the Almighty. Numb to this incident back on my feet and back to shoot, GB.”

‘Just missed my life in a
matter of few seconds,’
says Vishal

Vishal Film Factory, actor Vishal’s production house, said in an Instagram post, that the accident took place due to a technical issue. The production house added no one was injured in the incident

Accident happened due to
technical failure, says
Vishal Film Factory

SJ Suryah, who is also Vishal’s co-actor in Mark Antony tweeted, “Really really thanks to god… Accidentally, instead of taking the straight root, lorry went little diagonal and accident happened, if it would have come straight we both wouldn’t have been tweeting now Yah great thanks to god we all escaped.”

‘Thanks to god’: Vishal’s
co-actor SJ Suryah

Directed by Adhik Ravichandran, the film features Vishal, SJ Surya, Abhinaya, Nizhalgal Ravi, Redin Kinglsey in significant roles. It is produced by S Vinod Kumar

About Mark Antony

The film’s action crew comprises Peter Hein, Dhilip Subbarayan, Kamal Kannan, Ravi Varma. Peter Hein is an internationally acclaimed stunt director

Meet Mark Antony’s
action crew

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