Who IS Aftab Amin Poonawalla? Man WHO ChopPEd Live-In Partner Into 35 Pieces

A spine-chilling incident has come to light in Delhi. A man allegedly killed his live-in partner and chopped her body into 35 pieces

Grisly Murder In Delhi

The accused Aftab Amin Poonawalla allegedly killed the victim Shraddha, following an argument in May

Murdered Five Months Ago

The police claimed that Aftab Poonawalla slashed her dead body into pieces with a sharp weapon and bought a fridge to store the parts

Delhi Murder: Bought A
Fridge To Store Pieces

Aftab Amin allegedly disposed of the pieces in the dead of the night at various locations around Delhi for the next 16 days

Delhi Crime: Disposed
Body Over 16 Days

The grisly murder came to the forefront when the victim’s father lodged a kidnapping complaint at the Mehrauli police station in Delhi on November 8

Shradhha Murder Case

As per reports, Shraddha met Aftab in Mumbai while working at a call centre. The two got into a relationship and eventually moved to Delhi, despite opposition from her family

Aftab And Shraddha’s

The couple rented a flat in Delhi’s Chattarpur area. Shraddha’s father said that he received no word from his daughter since May 2022 and upon recent police investigation, it was revealed that she was murdered five months ago

Aftab And Shraddha’s Story

Poonawalla allegedly murdered his live-in partner Shraddha as she was forcing him into marriage

Why Did Aftab Murder Shraddha

Aftab Poonawalla is a food blogger and has an Instagram page by the name of ‘Hungrychokro_escapades’

Who Is Aftab Amin

In another similar case in Delhi, a man allegedly hacked his domestic help, a 15-year-old girl from Jharkhand, to death and chopped her body into six parts. The accused was arrested on November 14 after absconding for more than four years

2018 Delhi Crime:
Similar Case

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