'World's Best Boss' Mark Neilson Takes Employees For Luxury Trips Worth Rs 4 Crore

How Do You Define
‘The Best Boss’?

What’s the definition of being the best boss? The one who gives promotion, the one who approves leaves or the one who takes employees on luxury trips worth Rs 4 crore?

World’s Best Boss
Mark Neilson

Mark Neilson, a senior partner at insurance firm AO, loves to reward hard work and splurged around Rs 4 crore to treat his team to luxury holidays 

Mark Neilson Gifts Trips
Worth Rs 81.22 Lakh

Footage: Instagram

Mark had recently sent 50 employees to Iceland that cost him approx. Rs 81 lakh and he also treated dozens of employees to a five-star stay in Cancun, Mexico. All this was over and above the regular bonuses

Whopping Bonuses By
AO Senior Partner

35-year-old Mark is known to keep giving such generous gifts to his employees. Last year, he had reportedly given over Rs 60 lakh in cash bonuses to his employees

Luxury Trip For Employees

Footage: Instagram

As per reports, Neilson believes that such perks will pay off in the longer run as the workers will be more motivated to perform better at work

World’s Best Boss:
Humble beginnings

Neilson reportedly grew up in a poor household and did odd jobs to make ends meet. He then started working in the insurance industry and slowly worked towards building his own insurance agency within AO

Best Boss of 2022:
Katya Vakulenko

Footage: Instagram

Katya Vakulenko, Founder, Soup Agency, a Sydney-based marketing firm became famous for taking her employees to an all-expenses paid trip to Bali

‘Best Indian Bosses’

In India, Surat-based billionaire, diamond merchant Savji Dholakia often creates headlines for gifting expensive gifts to his staff including luxury cars 

Generous Chennai

Recently, a Chennai-based jeweller gifted cars and two-wheelers worth Rs 1.2 crore to his employees

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