YouTuber Mr Beast Asks Elon Musk "Can I Be New Twitter CEO?"

Elon Musk's Twitter Poll

Elon Musk recently ran a poll on Twitter where he asked users to vote on whether he should step down as Twitter's head. He further said he would abide by the poll results

Musk On Poll Results

As soon as the poll results were out, Elon Musk tweeted that he would step down as Twitter's CEO when he found an apt person for the job

American Youtuber AKA MrBeast Interested

Many people are interested in this big job opening, including popular American YouTuber Jimmy 'MrBeast' Donaldson

"Can I be the new Twitter CEO?", tweets MrBeast

In one of his recent tweets, MrBeast showed his interest in leading microblogging and social networking and asked if he could be the next tweet CEO. He wrote, "Can I be the new Twitter CEO?" 

Musk Reply To MrBeast

Musk himself seemed interested in MrBeast's candidature. Replying to the 24-year-old YouTuber's tweet, Musk said, "It's not out of the question."

Jimmy Criticises Elon Musk

Jimmy Donaldson has criticised Musk for the current policies stating that Twitter will prohibit users from promoting third-party social media accounts. Condemning the procedure, the YouTuber tweeted that Musk should step down as CEO

Snoop Dogg Trolls Musk

Prominent rapper Snoop Dogg was earlier seen mocking and trolling Elon Musk on Twitter

Snoop Dogg’s Twitter Poll

Snoop Dog, instead, ran his own poll on Twitter. The poll tweet said, "Should I run Twitter?" 81% of Twitter users, popularly known as Tweeples, supported him by voting 'Yes' on the Tweet

Bess Kalb Mocks Musk

Emmy-nominated comedy writer Bess Kalb's Twitter thread has gone viral, where she very satirically thanked Elon Musk for making her the new CEO of Twitter

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