'Elon Musk food' to ‘Oreo pakoda': Zomato trends report reveals bizarre searches in 2022

Zomato in 2022

The wave of food experimentation that began during the COVID-induced lockdown of 2020 refused to die down this year as well. From Oreo Pakoda to Elon Musk food, take a look at the bizarre searches of 2022, as per Zomato trends report 

Funniest Zomato
Searches 2022

A majority of Indians wanted eat what Twitter CEO Elon Musk eats as there were 724 searches for “Elon Musk food” on the Zomato app in 2022 

Elon Musk Stays Away
From Tasty Food

Tesla billionaire has said that staying away from “tasty food” was one of the biggest factors in his weight loss journey

Zomato Weird Searched
2022: Oreo Pakoda

Zomato users in 2022 decided to go out of the box and search for "Oreo pakoda". Who could even eat an Oreo Pakoda? It was another search query that made the Zomato team laugh out loud

Oreo Pakoda On Zomato

Oreo pakoda received 4,988 searches on the food delivery app Zomato in 2022

Zomato in 2022: Query
On Virat Kohli

Zomato report also included a query on Virat Kohli, “Ye Kohli kya khata hai?” (What does this Kohli eat?) in its yearly report, despite having been searched just once

Zomato 2022:
Most Ordered

Zomato has also revealed trends report that shows what Indians ordered the most in 2022

Zomato Top Ordered
Clashes Swiggy

Surprisingly or not so surprisingly, Zomato’s top ordered dish in 2022 clashed with that of Swiggy’s. It was Biryani followed by pizza, which bagged the second place, in the list of the most ordered dishes on Zomato in 2022

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