Trump on relations with China; Goyal on India's trade deficit

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday hailed trade relations with China, saying negotiations with Beijing on phase two of the trade deal would start shortly. Last week, the world's two biggest economies signed the long-awaited phase one agreement, marking a truce after nearly two years of tensions; Speaking at a panel at Davos, Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal stated that India was struggling with a massive trade deficit, particularly with China and other countries in the region. Goyal added that the Indian government was exploring ways to ensure just and more equitable terms of its trade relations with several countries; Once again 17-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg lashed out at the global elite for their inaction towards the climate crisis. She warned that while planting trees was good, it was insufficient to avert the climate crisis looming over the world. This and more news on News Blast.

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