rebrain or rot

saturday, 13 Jan 2018 at The St. Regis Mumbai

There are few organizations that have as prodigious and outstanding track record as MIDC. Established in 1962 as the premier industrial infrastructure development agency of Maharashtra, it has matured over the years into a mammoth and prestigious institution serving a dynamic, pioneering and visionary role.

Guided by a strong corporate philosophy to set up industrial areas and to provide ‘prosperity to all through industrialization’, the contribution and commitment of Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) has been truly exemplary. In the last 50 years, it has become the leading corporation of Maharashtra playing a pivotal link between the government and industry.

A host of path-breaking initiatives and decisions taken by MIDC in the early days dramatically changed the socioeconomic fibre of the state. One of its most crucial decisions was the development of carefully planned network of industries in the interiors of Maharashtra. Its other decision of setting up ‘independent filtered, potable water supply system of adequate capacity’ as essential infrastructure for industrial development. Till date, a record 264 industrial complexes have been developed by MIDC on approximately 84,000 hectors of land across Maharashtra.

Another revolutionary strategy that yielded richly was to set up dedicated zones for different industries with specialized infrastructure facilities for all round development. Sectors such as automobiles and auto components, biotechnology, electronics, information technology, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals benefitted tremendously from these specialized zones.

Its other progressive policies and outlook like reduction in the number of procedures and time taken for processes, investor facilitation cell, Single Window Clearance (SWC), cutback in permissions, E-payment has contributed to its steady and sterling performance. Not surprising, MIDC has been appointed the nodal agency for India’s most ambitious infrastructure project, the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor.

Recognized today as a world class organization, MIDC, with its distinguished synergy and futuristic role play, heralds unprecedented development and progress for industries.