Ultraviolette F77:
India's Fastest
Electric Bike

The new Ultraviolette F77 electric bike can reach speeds of up to 150 kmph

Ultraviolette F77 Speed

The electric bike starts at a price of Rs 3.8 lakh and the most expensive variant costs Rs 5.5 lakh (all prices ex-showroom)

Ultraviolette F77 Price

The Ultraviolette F77 bookings are open at a price of Rs 10,000

Ultraviolette F77 Booking

The deliveries of the electric bike will begin in January 2023

Ultraviolette F77 Price
Expected Delivery

The company will start the process of deliveries from Bengaluru and gradually move to other parts of the country

Electric Sport Bike Ultraviolette F77 

E-bike Ultraviolette F77

Ultraviolette has promised that buyers in other Indian cities will be able to get the bike by end of 2023

The Ultraviolette F77 can offer a range of up to 307 km in ideal driving conditions

Ultraviolette F77 Range

The F77 has been launched in three variants: The F77, F77 Recon and F77 Limited, which is the fastest variant that can go from 0 to 60 in 2.9 seconds

Ultraviolette F77 Variants

The bike will get three driving modes: Glide, Combat and Ballistic

Ultraviolette F77 Modes

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