Cheating or

Moonlighting is generally defined as working at an extra job, especially without informing your main employer 

However, its meaning is disputed among employers. While some may consider it as projects or employment to aid a competitor

Others may look at it as income generating passion projects, which take away from office hours of the main employer

While there is no law that prohibits dual employment in India. All leading IT giants have clauses which prohibit secondary employment, even when it doesn’t specify ‘moonlighting’

IT firms that say ‘NO’ to dual employment in their contracts:

- Working for a competitor 
- Loss of confidentiality, leak of sensitive data 
- Drop in employee productivity 

Why are employers against
employees taking other gigs? 

- Use of organisation resources such as software for side gigs
- Employee disengagement and retention amid high attrition 

Why are employers against employees taking other gigs?

Employees are
moonlighting as they can

- Pursue passion projects
- Earn more money
- Gain additional skills and experience 

Why Employees are

Business Today conducted a
social media poll on whether
‘moonlighting is cheating’

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Story by: Vidya S, Aakanksha Chaturvedi & Binu Paul
Designed by: Mohsin Shaikh
Produced by: Anshula Raj

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