Zomato and Blinkit: A Billboard-Bollywood Collab

Zomato and Blinkit’s Collab

Zomato and Blinkit have come together for a very interesting and drama filled collaboration

A Bollywood Touch
To The Collab

The collaboration between Zomato and Blinkit, pertains mainly to the billboard advertisement where a popular Bollywood dialogue is used to catch the eye of the customers

Zomato Blinkit
Turn-Around The
Famous Dialogue

The two billboards - one for Zomato and one for Blinkit - showcased a part of the popular dialogue from the 2002 film, Maa Tujhhe Salaam

“Dhoodh Mangoge…”
Popular Dialogue From
Maa Tujhe Salaam

The content that the two ads by Zomato and Blinkit used was inspired by the movie dialogue, “Doodh mangoge, Kheer denge; Kashmir mangoge, cheer denge.” 

Dialogue’s Twisty
Variation: Blinkit

Zomato and Blinkit's advertisement collaboration twisted this dialogue. The grocery delivery app Blinkit’s yellow billboard read: "Doodh mangoge, doodh denge”

Zomato’s Twisty Reply

“Kheer mangoge, kheer denge,” was the slogan which appeared on the food delivery app Zomato’s billboard, thereby mirroring and complementing Blinkit’s billboard

Zomato Takes The
Collab To Instagram

Zomato posted this advert on Instagram in collaboration with Blinkit. The post was captioned as, “Insta collab featuring a billboard collab.” The post has received over 65,000 likes

Zomato and Blinkit

Zomato is a very popular food delivery app, which recently launched its intercity food delivery feature. Blinkit, formerly known as Grofers, is a grocery delivery app

Zomato Acquires Blinkit

Zomato acquired Blinkit (formerly Grofers) in an all-stock deal of Rs 4,447 crore in June 2022

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