Top 10 Cities With Best Public Transport System In The World

Best Public Transit System In The World 

As per Oliver Wyman Forum, a think tank affiliated with the consulting firm by the same name and the University of California Berkeley’s Institute of Transportation Studies, the following cities have the best public transit system in the world

Number 10: London

London boasts of one of the largest public transport networks in the world, with integrated metro, train and bus systems spanning the city.

Number 10: London

The city added a high frequency Elizabeth line stretching between suburbs to the east and west of the city to its underground network in 2022

Number 9: Berlin

Berlin has embraced multimodality through its networks of metro and suburban trains, trams, and ferries. These are combined by an integrated app which provides journey planning and payment for all types of transport, including cars and e-scooters 

Number 8: Paris 

Paris has repurposed some of its road space and now has significantly fewer parking spaces to encourage people to use other modes of transit. Parts of the city are more than a short walk from a public transit station, and the system enjoys a high rate of usage

Number 7: Tokyo

Tokyo’s mass transit system provides frequent service and on-time departures owing to the world’s most extensive urban rail network of suburban trains and subways, alongside buses, trams, and monorails 

Number 6: Oslo

Also known as the EV capital of the world. Oslo’s metro network consists of several lines, with another under construction. Multiple tram lines run primarily on the road network, though with a few dedicated tracks 

Number 5: Helsinki

Helsinki has a multimodal public transportation network which comprises bus, tram, metro, commuter train, and ferry services. A journey planner app integrates all transportation modes, well during rush hours, and has linkages to the robust national rail system 

Number 4: Singapore

Singapore’s public transit options are affordable and within easy walking distance. Strong risk-preparedness and disaster-management capabilities make for a resilient transportation network 

Number 3: Stockholm

Stockholm has a dense, multimodal mass transit system with good connections to Sweden's excellent national rail network. The city also has the second highest share of EVs in Europe, after Oslo 

Number 2: Zurich

Zurich grabbed the second spot on the report due to its efficient, affordable, and almost always within easy walking distance public transport system 

Number 1: Hong Kong

Hong Kong topped the charts with the best public transportation services in the world. The city’s residents are avid users of public transportation due to the transit being affordable, seamless interchanges and short walk to public transport system 

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