DCX Systems IPO: Should you subscribe?

The Rs 500-crore IPO by DCX Systems will open for subscription on October 31 and will end on November 2

DCX Systems IPO Subscription

As a leading Indian company in the manufacture of cables and wire harness assemblies, DCX Systems is a preferred partner for many foreign defence manufacturers

What DCX Systems does

The Bengaluru-based DCX Systems is offering shares in the price band of ₹197 to ₹207 per share for its initial share sale

DCX Systems IPO
Price Band

- 75% reserved for qualified institutional investors
- Up to 15% for high-net-worth individuals
- 10% for retail investors

DCX Systems IPO

Should you subscribe to the DCX Systems IPO?

DCX Systems IPO

The Grey Market Premium was Rs 80 as the DCX Systems IPO was expected to fetch around Rs 287 on listing, 38% higher than the IPO's upper band price of Rs 207 per equity share

DCX Systems GMP

The manufacturing firm is showing growth in the Indian defence space with a revenue CAGR of 56.64% between fiscal 2020 and fiscal 2022

DCX Systems Revenue

In fiscal 2022, they exported US$ 76 million worth of equipment thus generating a major portion of their revenue from exports

DCX Systems Revenue

Manan Doshi of UnlistedArena.com is betting on the manufacturing capabilities of DCX Systems in the defense and aerospace industry and its stable financial performance

What Analysts Say

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