Gujarat Election 2022: Can firebrand Hardik Patel win Viramgam for BJP?

Viramgam is part of the Ahmedabad district and falls under the Surendranagar Lok Sabha seat, which has been with the BJP since 2014. 

Viramgam Assembly Constituency

Hardik Patel, 29, shot to fame after he led one of the biggest protests in Gujarat in 2015. He demanded reservations for the Patidar (Patel) community, which constitutes 14-15% of the state population

Hardik Patel: Man
of Masses

Two years after giving a real scare to BJP, Hardik Patel joined Congress in the presence of Rahul Gandhi in March 2019. He was made the Working President of the Gujarat Congress

Hardik's short stint
with Congress

Hardik Patel left Congress in May 2022, just three years after joining it. After quitting, Hardik launched a scathing attack on Rahul Gandhi and praised PM Modi. In June, he joined BJP, which has fielded him from Viramnagar. 

Hardik's break-up
with Congress

BJP's Hardik Patel is up against Lakhabhai Bharwad of Congress and Kuvarji Thakor of AAP.

Hardik Patel's challengers in Viramgam

Congress' Lakhabhai Bharwad has won the seat by 6,548 votes with 41.25% vote share. AAP's Kuvarji Thakor, who had contested as an independent, came 4th with just 5.87% votes.

How Congress fared
in 2017

BJP could win Viramnagar only twice - in 2002 and 2007. Congress bagged this constituency in 1998, 2012, and 2017.

How BJP did in last 5 polls

- 2017: Congress won by 6,548 votes
- 2012: Congress won by 16,983 votes
- 2007: BJP won by 3,316 votes
- 2002: BJP won by 3,064 votes
- 1998: Congress won by 6,003 votes

Viramgam's Poll History since 1980

- 1995: BJP won by 7,565 votes
- 1990: BJP won by 21,361 votes
- 1985: BJP won by 2,446 votes
- 1980: Congress won by 6,312 votes

Viramgam polls Phase-2 are on December 5 

Viramgam's Poll History since 1980

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