Top Google Tips & Tricks 2022: Google Maps, Chrome And More

Google Flights

Google Flights allow you to track prices for specific destinations and dates, and sends you an email if prices change substantially

Google Street View

Google Street View can be used to find hidden gems and plan trips

Google Maps

Google Maps has a feature that shows the "Popular Times" and "Live Busyness" of a place, which can help you avoid crowds

Google Assistant

You can say "Hey Google, Good morning" to Google Assistant to set up a personalized morning routine like calendar overview, weather update, and news headlines

Undo on Gmail

Gmail has an Undo Send feature, which allows you to retract a sent email within a certain timeframe (up to 30 seconds)

Google Chrome

Chrome users can restore a recently closed browser window by pressing Control/Command + Shift + T

Security Check

Google offers a Security Checkup tool to ensure your security settings and passwords are strong and up-to-date

Google Keep

Google Keep is a note-taking app that allows you to create lists, set reminders, and collaborate with others

Playing Relaxing Music
or White Noise

The Google Assistant can help you relax and fall asleep by playing calming music or white noise

Explore Feature

Google Docs has a feature called "Explore," which allows you to quickly research and add information to your document

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