Twitter Files &
Elon Musk

Twitter Files reveal troubling details about Twitter trying to suppress specific content on the platform

Twitter Files & Elon Musk Connection

Twitter Files are internal documents of the social media platform that reveal some controversial details about Twitter's past

What are Twitter Files?

Elon Musk is most likely the one who leaked these top-level secrets about censorship and suppression on Twitter before he completed the $44 billion Twitter takeover deal

Elon Musk Connection

Twitter Files will be a series of data leaks. More confidential and controversial details will be leaked on the platform in the coming days

Twitter Files Part 1

The first part of Twitter Files has revealed how Twitter tried to suppress a report from The New York Post that offered details on Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden

US President Joe Biden's Connection

Matt Taibbi, author of Twitter Files, revealed chats between some high-profile names at pre-Musk Twitter. These names included former Policy head Vijaya Gadde and Safety and former Trust head, Yoel Roth

Twitter Files - High Profile Names

These leaked documents show how Twitter executives tried to find policy loopholes in order to pull down tweets and DMs about the New York Post story on Hunter Biden and his abandoned laptop

Twitter's Policy Loopholes

Primary rationale given by the executives was that the post violated Twitter's "hacking materials" policy. However, no government agency had termed the Hunter Biden laptop incident or reported a hack

Hacking Materials Policy

There was some conflict within Twitter as well. Caroline Strom, the Public Policy head at Twitter questioned the use of the 'hacking materials' policy to censor content on the New York Post story

Internal Conflict Within
Twitter Team

According to Twitter Files Part 1 Jack Dorsey, former CEO of Twitter, was not included in the decision-making process regarding this story

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Was Unaware

Elon Musk has made it clear that this is not the end. Part 2 of Twitter Files will be released 24 hours after part 1

Twitter Files Part 2

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