Ashneer Grover’s Doglapan: Quotable quotes

BharatPe co-founder Ashneer Grover wrote about his trials and tribulations in the no-holds-barred book whose title is inspired from his own mannerism from the season 1 of show Shark Tank India

About Doglapan,
the book

'If you choose to work with your spouse, there should be no hesitation in designating them as co-founders as well as giving them a seat on the board'

Ashneer Grover on
his wife

Ashneer Grover's dig
on BharatPe

"Put yourself first, always. Liquidate your stock at every secondary sale opportunity"

'Deepinder founded Zomato, from where Albinder (Dhindsa) branched off and founded Grofers, and then I left Grofers to start BharatPe. Hence, Deepinder is the grandfather, while I am his grandson'

Ashneer Grover on Deepinder Goyal

'Loyalty is tested and needed in bad times. To expect loyalty from your employees or investors in bad times is to set yourself up for heartbreak'

Ashneer Grover's regrets

'Rajnish Kumar (former SBI chairman) was my fourth hiring mistake — the other three being Suhail Sameer (CEO), Jasneet (CHRO) and Sumeet Singh (GC)'

Ashneer Grover on former SBI chairman

Vijay Shekhar Sharma
on 'Doglapan'

'Your book is gripping and amazing read. You are rockstar and a bulls**t buster of our time. Best wishes for a superb book,' Paytm CEO wishes Grover

Doglapan's Details

Hardcover of 'Doglapan: The Hard Truth about Life and Start-Ups' is available for Rs 339 on Amazon and contains 256 pages

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