Part of Croatia’s ‘Island of Love’ goes for sale

Croatia’s ‘Island of Love’

Part of Croatia’s popular and unique heart-shaped Adriatic island, aka ‘Island of Love’ has gone up for sale.

Price on love 

The uninhabited islet has hit the market for $11 million, which is approximately around Rs 91 crore. 

Popularly known as the ‘Island of Love’, the name of the island is Galesnjak. Over a million photos per year are made on and around the island, said a representative for the owner of the lot on sale. 

What’s in a name

There are no hotels, villas or restaurants on the islet. However, the islet is being offered to prospective buyers for development. 

Pristine islet

Favourite among celebs

The Croatian islet might not have much in the name of infrastructure but is a favourite among celebrities. Celebrities like Beyonce, Michael Jordan, and Jeff Bezos have famously thrown parties in the ‘Island of Love’. Many bring their yachts to visit the islet every summer. 

Galesnjak’s dimensions

The island has an area of 142,000 sq mt and slightly over 40,000 sq mt is up for sale, said the representative. 

Proceeds from the sale

Proceeds from the sale will be invested elsewhere in the local community, the representative said. And from the likes of it, it will happen soon, as potential buyers are calling every day!

Scientists from the Department of Archaeology of Croatia's University of Zadar, in 2019,  discovered traces of human habitation dating back 7,000 years ago.

History of ‘Island of Love’

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