Delhi, Kolkata Covered In Snow? These AI-Generated Images Will Blow Your Mind

AI-generated images of Indian cities

A recent post on Twitter with AI-generated images of snow-clad Indian cities has grabbed the attention of the netizens

Indian cities covered
in snow

Twitter user Angshuman Choudhury posted magical, AI-generated snow-covered pictures of Indian cities, including Delhi and Kolkata

AI Images: The snowy wonderland

These images of familiar landmark sites, covered in snow, are almost dream-like 

Snow-covered India Gate

In this image, people can see Delhi’s India Gate covered in snow with a woman walking towards it with an umbrella. It is quite the sight to behold!

Snow-covered Kolkata

A tram can be seen moving along the tracks in snow-covered Kolkata. The scene with its old-world charm appears to be set in a Parisian backdrop

Snow-covered Indian cities' AI images on Twitter

The caption of this post by Angshuman read, “What would Delhi, both New and Old, look like during a heavy snowfall? I have always wondered. And now, AI helped me visualise it.”

Twitter post interactions

The post has been viewed over 123k times and received several reactions. People were mesmerised by the picturisation and the magic of AI

AI-generated image of

Another Twitter user generated an AI image of a snow-covered Gurugram. If anything could appear dystopian and exquisite at the same time, this is it!

AI-generated images
getting trolled

Images generated by AI don't always hit the bull's eye. A recent post showcasing AI-generated images of people from different Indian states was trolled massively for stereotyping people

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