Lemons Demand Shoots Up In China: Here’s Why 

Lemon Demand
Peaks In China

As COVID-19 cases surge to new levels in China, the country’s lemon farmers witnessed a boom in business with citizens turning to natural remedies to fight the infection

Demand From Big Cities

The skyrocketing demand for lemons is mostly originating from bigger cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, where people are rushing to buy lemons, as per media reports 

Shortage of Medicines

Pharmacies across China have been running short of cold and flu medicines, according to media reports

Rising Lemon Prices

Due to the increase in demand, the prices for lemons have also shot up. Prior to the latest surge, lemons were selling for 2 or 3 yuan per half kilo, or around Rs 23 to Rs 35. Now the price has doubled to 6 yuan, media reports suggest

Why Buy Lemons?

People are rushing to buy lemons as they’re rich in vitamin C to boost their immunity in the latest battle against the pandemic

Other Fruits In Demand

Sales of other fruits including oranges and pears are also soaring on Dingdong Maicai, an e-commerce platform selling fresh produce, as per the Chinese media

Peaches Preferred

Canned yellow peaches are another item in demand, as some citizens believe that the cold and sweet fruit can improve appetite, especially when you’re sick

Booming Business
For Farmers

Just last month, China’s fruit and vegetable farmers were fretting over tons of fresh produce that were piling up because of the effect of the country’s stringent virus curbs on transport. However, the recent increase in demand has turned the tide for farmers

China COVID-19 Situation 

China is once again experiencing a surge in COVID-19 cases after it eased down on lockdowns and restrictions following protests and Urumqi fire that took the lives of 10 people in November

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