Positive Deviance

Saturday, December 17, 2016 at Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi

Wave Group – A leading business conglomerate that has expanded across industries to create a niche for itself. The integral beliefs of the Group are founded on hard work and team spirit. It has been steered by the long term vision of the Late Mr. Kulwant Singh Chadha since 1963. Today, the Wave Group boasts an impressive portfolio of businesses, including manufacturing, distilleries and breweries, real estate, malls and multiplexes, beverages, sports, education and entertainment.

Wave Group’s policy has been to efficiently and effectively optimise its diverse businesses and maximise output by participating in all aspects of business. This has resulted in exponential growth in the Group’s productivity, its ability to transform industries and in creating opportunities for entirely new market segments. The business model has evolved significantly through strategic investments in services and technologies, ensuring that the Wave Group maintains its competitive advantage in every sector.

The Wave Group attributes a major part of its success to its visionary, the erstwhile Chairman Mr. Gurdeep Singh (Ponty) Chadha. His pioneering vision to conquer new heights and fulfil the dreams of all its stakeholders is the key to driving the Group to continuously set new benchmarks.

An integral belief of the group is to empower communities that it serves, through its philanthropic initiative, The Ponty Chadha Foundation (PCF). Wave Group has always strived towards making the society a better place and they continue to help the society and especially the underprivileged in innumerable ways. Social consciousness is deep rooted in the group’s vision & mission. Mata Bhagwanti Chadha Niketan (MBCN), a charitable school, one of the biggest in the world, for the differently abled, is the most admirable initiative of the Ponty Chadha Foundation. MBCN is one-of-its-kind school in India, as it has changed the lives of more than 1000 students to date.

The Wave Group, one of India’s leading business conglomerates with a diversified portfolio comprising real estate, entertainment, beverages, sports, education, sugar – now makes an emphatic entry into the Wellness and Healthcare segment with the launch of SENS – a multi-specialty Anti-ageing & wellness clinic in New Delhi.

Sens Clinic has the most complete evidence based Age Management model to date and is best suited to face our current healthcare challenge – cardiometabolic disease. It believes that all ailments including life threatening diseases can be cured and that humans can live disease free. Hence, Sens follows the 4P approach (Personalized, Predictive, Preventative and Participatory) and the new I.N.T.E.G.R.A.L. Heath Model. The 4P approach predicts the future health complications and works towards preventing it while the I.N.T.E.G.R.A.L. model is focused on reducing inflammation and reversing the ageing process.

Using Diet, Nutraceuticals, Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy etc. Sens rejuvenates cells and reduces the age of organs. The result is radiant health, absolute fitness and age reversal.

Sens also offers some unique services like Pain Management through Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields also known as the PEMF Technology. A revolutionary cure to heal fractures, chronic pain and many other diseases.

It also offers custom-made weight loss programs which ranges from the adoption of Nutritional Plans to Skin and Body Contouring, from Functional & Regenerative Medicine to Cosmetic Dermatology, also Alternative Healing to Hair & Make Up, its 360-degree approach to reverse ageing is ushering a new anti-ageing revolution.