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The best gadgets in the market as ranked by Gadgets & Gizmos -

G&G Top Ten Listings

The best gadgets in the market as ranked by Gadgets & Gizmos -


1. Samsung UA 46F700BJ
Price: Rs  1,35,000

Specs: 46-inch Full HD LED with 3D, motion & voice control, 10Wx2 speakers, Wi-Fi, LAN, USB, HDMI, 81.4 watts power consumption

2.LG 55LA8600
Rs 2,50,000

Specs: 55-inch; 1080p, 24w;
Plus: 3D quality, remote

3. Samsung 55ES8000
Rs 2,67,000

Specs: 55-inch; 1080p, 20w;
Plus: Smart features

4. Panasonic P50GT50
Rs 1,38,900

Specs: 50-inch; 1080p; 18w;
Plus: Superb blacks, apps

5. Sony Bravia HX925 LED
Rs  3,59,900

Specs: 65-inch; 768p; 30w;
Plus: 3D

1. Samsung UA 22D5000NRLXL
Price: Rs  18,910

Specs: 22 inch LED TV; Full HD support; 2 HDMI ports, Dolby Digital Plus; 6W sound; SRS TheaterSound HD; 45 W power consumption

2. Sony Bravia KDL-32EX520
Rs 44,899

Specs: 32-inch; 1080p; 20w;
Plus: Picture, Contrast

3. Onida LEO32NMSF100L
Rs 29,999

Specs: 32-inch; 1080p; 20w
Plus: Price

4. LG 32LV3500
Rs 34,890

Specs: 32-inch; 1080p; 20w;
Plus: Picture

5. Toshiba 32HV10ZE
Rs 17,499

Specs: 32-inch; 768p; 20w;
Plus: Price


1. Apple New iPad
Price: Rs  50,900

Specs: 9.7-inch display; A5X chip; IOS 5.1; Wi-Fi, 4G, 64GB; 5MP camera; 9.7-inch display; A5X chip; IOS 5.1; Wi-Fi, 4G, 64GB; 5MP camera

2. Apple iPad 2
Rs 32,900

Specs: 9.7-inch; 1GHz dual-core; 3G, Wi-Fi;
Plus: Performance

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab 620
Rs 26,449

Specs: 7-inch; 1.2 GHz dualcore; 3G, Wi-Fi; Plus:Weight
Plus: Overall

4. Kindle Fire HD 7"
Rs 15,999

Specs: 7-inch; 1.2 GHz; dual-core; 3G,Wi-Fi;
Plus: Book store

5. Asus Fonepad
Rs 15,999

Specs: 7-inch , 1.2GHz Intel Atom, 3G, Wi-Fi, 8GB
Plus: Calling, Price


1. Dell XPS 15 L501X
Price: Rs  75,933

Specs: 15.6-inch LED display; Intel Core i7 Q740 1.73 GHz (8 cores); 4 GB RAM; 500 GB HDD; NVIDIA 2 GB GT 435 M graphics card; JBL speakers

2. Sony Vaio CW16FG
Rs  57,000

Specs: Intel Centrino C2D 2.53 GHz; nVidia GT230M; 320GB; 14"
Plus: Specs

3. Sony Vaio Z117
Rs 1,59,900

Specs: Intel i7 processor, 2.66Hz; nVidia GT330M; 64GB x 4SSD; 13"

4. Lenovo Z580
Rs 64,990

Specs: Intel Core i7-3612 QM Nvidia GeForce GT630M; 1TB; 15.6";
Plus: Overall performance

5. MacBook Air
Rs 89,990

Specs: Intel Core i7 1.7GHz dual core; HD 3000; 256GB; 13.3";
Plus: Slim design


1. Lenovo ThinkCentre Edge 92Z
Price: Rs 59,600

Specs: Windows 7 Professional, 21.5inch 1080p touchscreen LED with IPS, Intel Core i5-3470S, 4GB RAM, 1TB, HDMI, USB 3.0, Wi-Fi

2. Apple iMac 27-inch
Rs 89,900;

Specs: Intel C2D 3.06GHz; ATi Radeon HD4670; 1TB;
Plus: Screen

3. Lenovo IdeaCentre B520
Rs 71,990;

Specs: Intel Core i7 3.4GHz, nVIDIA G-Force GT 55M; 1TB
Plus: Performance

4. Apple iMac Desktop
Rs 1,15,180;

Specs: Intel C2D, 3.06 GHz; nVidia GT 130; 4GB; 1TB;
Plus: Processing

5. Lenovo IdeaCentre A600
Rs 69,500;

Specs: Intel C2D, 2.00 GHz; ATI Radeon HD3650; 640GB
Plus: Gesture


1. Acer Aspire S7
Price: Rs 88,499

Specs: Windows 8, 11.6-inch FullHD touch panel, Intel Core i5-3317U, 4GB RAM, 256GB, Intel HD Graphics 4000, 11.17" (W) x 7.7" (D) x 0.48" (H), 1.04kg

2. Sony Vaio Duo 11
Rs 89,990

Specs: Intel Core i5-3317U Intel HD Graphics 4000; 6GB 128GB SSD; 11.6-inch
Plus: Convertible design

3. Dell XPS 12
Rs 90,490

Specs: Intel Core i5-3317U; Intel HD Graphics 4000; 4 GB; 128 GB SSD; 12.5 -inch
Plus: Build quality

4. Dell XPS 14
Rs 79,038

Specs: Intel Core i5-3317U; Intel HD Graphics 4000; 4GB ; 500GB; 14-inch
Plus: Design, performance

5. Sony Vaio T
Rs 49,990

Specs: Intel Core i5-3317U; Intel HD Graphics 4000; 4GB; 532 GB 11.6 -inch;
Plus: Size, price


1. Nikon D800E
Price: Rs  1,74,950

Specs: 36.3 MP; 3.2-inch LCD; 6400 ISO; 1080p video; 1,000 gm

2. Nikon D3200
Rs 37,950

Specs: 24.2 MP; 12,800 ISO; 3-inch; 6,016x4,000p maz;
Plus: Light weight

3. Nikon 7D
Rs 1,28,350

Specs: 18MP ; 6400ISO; 3-inch, 5184x3456p max; 860g
Plus: Speed, video

4. Canon EOS 650D
Rs 55,995

Specs: 18 MP; 6400; 3-inch 5184x2912p max; 575g
Plus: Versatile, ease

5. Sony A77
Rs 99,000

Specs: 24.3MP; 16000 ISO; 3-inch, 6000x4000p max; 653g;
Plus: Pro quality, ease

1. Sony NE X-5R
Price: Rs  39,990

Specs: 16.7MP APS-C sensor, 1/4000sec, ISO 25600, 1080p 60fps, SD card, Wi-Fi, tiltable LCD.

2. Olympus E-PL5
Rs 44,990

Specs: 16MP; 3-inch LCD; 4608 x 3456p max; 325g;
Plus: AF, detail;

3. Olympus OM-D EM-5
Rs 77,990

Specs: 16MP; 3-inch LCD; 4608x3456p max; 425g;
Plus: Low light, build;

4. Canon EOS-M
Rs 49,995

Specs: 18MP; 3-inch; 5184x3456 p max; 298g;
Plus: Ease-of-use, AF

5. Panasonic Lumic GXT
Rs 49,990

Specs: 16MP; 3-inch; 4592 x3448 p max; 318g;
Plus: Image quality; LCD


1. JBL OnBeat Xtreme
Price: Rs 24,990
Specs: 120 W ; 4 speakers; iPad dock; app-based-bluetooth, 4 kg

2. Bose Soundlink Air
Rs 22,388
Specs: 40 W; 2 speakers, AirPlay, dock; 2.1kg

3. LG ND 8520
Rs 20,990
Specs: 80 W; 2 speakers; AirPlay, dock; 6 kg;

4. Meredian F80
Rs 2,00,000
Specs: 80 W; 2 speakers, 1 disc tray, 6.5 kg

5. Philips FWD 876/98
Rs 25,999
Specs: 600 W; 4 speakers; 1 disc tray, 35.7 kg (with box)