Zomato’s IPO is India’s biggest issue this year

Zomato IPO: Invest for listing gains, say analysts

Jul 15, 2021

Zomato IPO which will close for subscription on Friday has gained a lot of interest given the uniqueness of the company, large opportunity size and some evidence of scale economies

Small cap funds may seem interesting at times, they go through significant volatility. You can possibly skip them at this stage of your investment journey

Ask Money Today: Where should I invest to buy house in 6 years, save Rs 3 cr for retirement?

Jun 25, 2021

Investing in right funds and right categories is also extremely important. Ideally, you should allocate 80 per cent of your equity investments to large cap, while the remaining can go to mid cap funds

Ask Money Today: How much should a 28-year-old invest for retirement, child education?

Jun 23, 2021

With an investment of Rs 14,000 in equity funds every month for next 32 years and assuming a conservative return of around 12 per cent during this period, you will be able to accumulate around Rs 6.31 crore at the time of your retirement

Bond funds unstable lately

Bond funds move 50% portfolio to cash as inflation breaches 6%

Jun 23, 2021

"Recent events (concerns around inflation) have emphasised to us the importance of this flexibility and the need to have it in amounts that can significantly buffer us against market volatility," says Suyash Choudhary, Head of Fixed Income, IDFC Mutual Fund

As a rule of thumb, your retirement portfolio should be at least 50 times your yearly expenses

Ask Money Today: Is it possible to create a retirement corpus of Rs 4 cr in 10 years?

Jun 17, 2021

A person can retire comfortably when their investment portfolio generates sufficient returns to take care of their day-to-day expenses. Seek help from a financial planner to understand how to lock-in the returns and redeem your money in parts as per your requirement

SGBs had received record subscription of Rs 3,387 crore in Series V in FY21 in terms of value.

Sovereign gold bonds: Series I records second-highest subscription since launch

Jun 01, 2021

To put it in perspective, the subscription value in Series I alone is higher than Rs 2,316.37 crore subscribed in SGBs in entire FY20.

Unlike mutual funds, NPS does not provide a lot of flexibility to investors in terms of investment and redemption

60% return in 1 year! Is NPS the best option for retirement planning?

Jun 09, 2021

NPS has gained a reasonable amount of popularity over the past few years due to high returns generated under the scheme. However, experts believe returns should not be the sole reason to invest in NPS

Should you subscribe to SGBs now?

RBI's first tranche of Sovereign Gold Bonds for FY22 open: Should you subscribe?

May 18, 2021

Commodity experts are bullish on the gold prices amid rising coronavirus cases, rising inflationary expectations, growth of debt in economies, Middle East tensions, trade war between US and China and a few more reasons

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Analysts see gold at Rs 56,500 in 12 months. Is it a good time to buy?

May 14, 2021

"Rising coronavirus cases, continuous liquidity injections, rising inflationary expectations, economies growing on the back of debt, Middle East tensions, trade war between US and China and few other factors continue to boost the sentiment and build a strong case for higher gold prices," says Manav Modi, Analyst at Motilal Oswal

Lenders on P2P lending platforms earned 12-14% return in the pandemic year

14% return in a year: P2P lending catches investors' eyes

Apr 28, 2021

While the P2P lending segment is regulated by the Reserve Bank of India, one must be careful about the risks involved. Just like any other form of lending, P2P lenders have to manage the risk of default

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COVID second wave shaves 10% off Sensex; more downside ahead?

Apr 20, 2021

The Sensex crashed 10 per cent as of Tuesday's closing from its all-time high of 52,516.76 hit on February 16. The Nifty is down nearly 6 per cent to 14,296.40 from its peak