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'Times They're a Changin'

With serendipity of discoveries, its a bigger challenge for organisations to prevent falling back into old ways


We will continue to invest in data and analytics to model personalised experiences

Need to raise rural incomes and multiply opportunities for enhancing livelihoods

I expect my own industry, impact investing, to become significantly more mainstream globally

New culinary experiences and dining options, staycations and gourmet food delivery offer exclusivity

A combination of remote monitoring & tele-consultation can foster a more holistic and effective approach to taking care of health issues

Lower dependence on imports will lead to greater demand for Make-in-India electronics products and boost employment

Being prudent, adhering to strong governance practices and focusing on long-term growth are critical

Need to build on 'flexibility' and 'agility' as strategic advantages, while being bolder and less risk-averse

The priority in the new normal will be to create businesses that can withstand unanticipated stress


The shift to becoming more available on e-commerce platforms while revising pricing strategies will be an exciting challenge

The pandemic has brought a realisation that we need greater public health infrastructure so that we are ready for any calamity of this order in the future

The next two to three years will be transformational for India's start-up ecosystem as many companies will go public

Volatility from global issues is the new normal. Companies need to be more agile and focused than ever before

The ideal mix of remote and in-office work will lead to significant gains in terms of cost benefits that can be passed on to clients

In the coming future, managements will have to be prepared for all eventualities and uncertainties

Banks provide the lifeblood to the financial well-being of different segments. In a crisis, wehave to do everything to safeguard their interests

How the FM can make it a 'never before' Budget. Top experts weigh in