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A Tightrope Walk

Companies are taking care of their star performers despite the slowdown

Budget numbers show a sharp rise in FY20 fiscal deficit

A dozen experts interpret Budget 2020 and its impact

The Budget reveals the government is willing to stretch its finances by going off the fiscal glide path

Companies' outlook will expand to ensuring that business stays committed to community, consumer and the planet

Policymakers, regulators and industries must collectively invest in development of new agile learners by improving education and training systems

Use of high technology in manufacturing is not a job killer as we have believed for years. It can be an engine for all-round growth and prosperity

Focus will be on protecting a company's most precious asset - the emotional well-being of employees

Leading experts on the radical changes in jobs, workplace, skills, privacy and employee well-being

Why the fast-growing hotel chain had to scale down

The decision to switch to the new income tax rates will depend on the level of deductions that you are able to use in the present regime

The Budget aims at boosting consumption and private investment to pull the economy forward

New principles will govern workplace usage of personal devices. Safeguards will be critical to avoid blurring the divide

More people are going to be engaged in work outside the formal workforce than inside it

Skilling programmes need to be rapid, flexible and highly personalised. Organisations need to instill a culture of continuous learning

The widening vocational demand-supply gap and poor employability after higher education will skew wages in favour of vocational work

New technologies create completely new markets that could not have existed before