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BT Explainer

Elon Musk's Twitter Set To Unveil Blue, Gold & Grey Verification Ticks

Nov 30, 2022

The world's richest man is about to bring back Twitter's Blue subscription after it was taken down a couple of weeks ago. Elon Musk has confirmed the details of the roll out in a tweet. Although he has assured netizens that this time, the service will be completely different, how far is it from the truth? Tech Today’s Rachna Dhanrajani explains.

How Much Will You Need To Save Via Mutual Fund SIPs To Buy Your Dream Car?

Nov 30, 2022

Ever dreamt of driving fancy cars and then shrugged the thought away after looking at the steep price tag? What if we tell you it is possible to be able to fulfill that dream only if you are consistent and disciplined with your mutual fund SIPs. Tune in to find out how much will you need to save every month if you want to buy your dream car.

ELSS Explainer | All you need to know about tax saving via this savings scheme

Apr 26, 2022

How can you beat inflation and get the best returns on your investment, while saving your taxes. Watch this report to know more.

How To Invest In A Property With Minimum Investment? | BT Classroom

Aug 01, 2022

How can you invest in land or a property with minimum investment through REITs or Real Estate Mutual Funds? Learn the best way to diversify your portfolio with investments in real estate in the latest episode of BT Classroom.

Everything you need to know about CPI and WPI based inflation rates

Jun 22, 2022

Inflation rates are soaring making deep cuts in your wallet but have you ever tried reading and understanding the economic terms which denote the inflation rate the WPI and the CPI. Tune in to watch Sakshi Batra simplify the jargons in this edition of the BT Classroom