Editors Note

Editors Note

Sourav Majumdar, Editor, Business Today

The Storyteller's Tale

Sep 18, 2021

As the Reed Hastings-founded streaming service works through its sixth year in India, the landscape has changed dramatically

Sourav Majumdar, Editor, Business Today

The Patanjali Plan

Sep 03, 2021

How will the markets react to Ruchi Soya when the floating stock increases after more shares are offered to the public as is mandatorily required? Will the listed Ruchi Soya eventually be able to power Patanjali’s ambition?

Sourav Majumdar, Editor, Business Today

Chronicling the India Story

Aug 20, 2021

We are in a new India. An India defined by the power of enterprise and ambition, where even the most ordinary Indian is unafraid to dream of a better life and knows it can well become a reality

Sourav Majumdar, Editor, Business Today

Financial Advisor on a Screen

Aug 06, 2021

Investors are flocking to financial influencers — popularly known as finfluencers — in droves. These finfluencers aren’t only based in the big cities. Some of the most popular ones — with millions of followers — are from the smaller cities and towns

Sourav Majumdar, Editor, Business Today

The Vanishing Billions

Jul 22, 2021

The advent of the IBC, clearly one of the most important reforms witnessed in Corporate India in recent times, has meant that errant promoters of business groups could end up losing control of their companies altogether

Rajeev Dubey, Editor, Business Today

Sanjiv Puri's Classic Tussle

Jul 08, 2021

ITC Chairman Sanjiv Puri is in the midst of one of those tussles with the restless stock market. Four years into the job, his new businesses haven't matured enough to start firing up topline and bottomline, or delight the shareholders