Buy cheap, buy early

Buy cheap, buy early

Kenneth Andrade tells you how and where to invest and things you must never forget.

Kenneth AndradePast positions: Vice-president, Equities, Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company.

Investment mantra: Buy cheap, buy early.

Best call over the past few months: Media has worked as a sector for us.

Worst call over the past few months: Aviation and transportation has lagged.

Top picks right now: Companies which are domestically focused. Prefer business catering to the consumption trend.

Advice to small investors: Moderate expectations of returns from equities. Invest in equities, don’t trade.

Worst mistake small investors make: They buy momentum, they do not invest in businesses.

The one thing they must never forget: Diversify risks.

Standard Chartered Premier Equity Fund

By Kenneth Andrade, Vice-president, Equities, Standard Chartered Premier Equity Fund