Confessions of a fund manager

Confessions of a fund manager

'Maximum benefits come when you ride out volatility'.

Investment mantra: Well diversified portfolio with 40-50 stocks with no more than five per cent weightage to a single stock.

Top picks right now: Capital goods, IT, banking, automobiles and oil.

Shyam Bhat, Assistant VP, Investments, Principal PNB

Advice to small investors: Don't time the markets as you'll have to get it right twice — at the time of entry and exit. Go for SIPs.

Worst mistake they make: Investing in direct equities without being fully aware of the company's fundamentals, acting im pulsively on rumours, selling off good stocks and holding the weaker ones.

One thing they must never forget: Maximum benefit from equity investing comes when you remain invested for the longer term and ride out volatility.