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They are the latest and most exclusive line from the House of Vuitton and are already creating a buzz among LV addicts the world over.We tell you why The Monogramouflage and the Mahina make for prized possessions

Anumeha Chaturvedi | Print Edition: August 24, 2008

Camouflaged attraction: The Monogramouflage Keepall 55 costs Rs 1 lakh
The Monogramouflage

The Monogramouflage, the latest arm candy from the House of Vuitton, is the result of a collaboration between designer Marc Jacobs and artist Takashi Murakami. Primarily the brainchild of Murakami, who is at the forefront of the Japanese pop art movement, these bags were first exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum’s Murakami Exhibition. Material: Monogramouflage bags come in different styles. The Lys and Jasmine bags are made of denim while the Speedy 35, Keepall 55 and Pegase 60 are made of canvas.

Pattern: These bags get their distinct camouflage pattern depending on how much the denim/canvas materials are faded. The design highlights the emblematic motif with an autumnal colour palette.
Types: The bags are available in monogram canvas, monogram denim canvas and newly washed out cotton canvas.
Price: Rs 60,000-1 lakh

A woman’s desire: The silver Mahina is complemented by a light grey cover

Created by Louis Vuitton, Mahina is the evocative name given to the line of bags that are now available in silver and bronze. The name comes from Polynesia, where Mahina means a woman explorer.
Material: Mahina bags are made of very soft and delicate calf leather.
The bags come in four colours now— silver, black, grey and bronze. The grey Mahina is complemented by a light grey cover and a dark grey Alcantara lining, while the black Mahina comes with a dark brown lining.
Design: Rounded curves, sophistication, generous volume and unobstrusive branding are the features of this perfect working bag.
Price: Rs 1.49 lakh

Puja Nayyar
Puja Nayyar fashion designer

There’re no two ways about it. Louis Vuitton bags have made a big mark globally in the minds of the fashion conscious modern-day woman. Whenever we talk of bags, the first name that comes to mind is Louis Vuitton. Be it handbags or luggage, the brand has rightfully found a place in every woman’s ensemble.

Ranna Gill
Ranna Gill fashion designer

One of the first bags I bought as a young woman was a Louis Vuitton, and I have been hooked ever since. The good thing about Vuitton bags is that they’re classic and never go out of style. My personal favourite is the Speedy 35, which is light, user-friendly and makes for a perfect working bag.

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