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10 gadgets every businessman should have

10 gadgets every businessman should have

Arm yourself with these smart gadgets when travelling and navigate your travel plans with ease.

In today's overwhelmingly digital age, a person on the go needs a few essential gadgets in their artillery. These now double up as a businessman's tools of the trade. Find out what you need to function productively and stay on top of the game. The ability to be an early adapter of technology and keep up with changing norms can make a difference to your perspective. For techno-geeks and corporates alike, these are perfect. Here's the list of must-have gadgets that will help you optimise.

A great laptop is the obvious choice for the top item on my list of essentials. I find that a laptop is more convenient to work on than a netbook even though it's bigger. No matter where you are, you can build an entire business and work remotely on a laptop that's dependable. The battery life, memory, resolution and weight are some elements to look out for. Recommended brands: Apple & Dell Inspiron notebook

If you're checking in to a hotel or a conference and need to connect multiple devices online at the same time, a Portable Wi-Fi router would do you justice by keeping you connected. To manage the connection, download a mobile Wi-Fi app that keeps you updated on data usage, battery life and settings. Recommended brands: Micromax MMX 400R & TP-Link 150 mbps Portable.

A smart phone is no longer a luxury. When conducting business, it is extremely crucial to 'keep in touch', be available and stay updated. Your smart phone is the best way to achieve these functions. When choosing a smart phone, look for an operating system you're comfortable with and a brand that best suits your needs. Recommended brands: Apple iPhone 6 & Samsung Galaxy S6

With the amount of battery we're constantly consuming across devices, a robust power bank that charges fast and is able to charge more than your smartphone is the one you should opt for. A Business Class Power Bank is a better choice than an Economy Class Power Bank, which serves an emergency purpose. Recommended brands: Xiaomi 10,400 mAh power Bank & Cheero 12000 mAh Battery

A Universal plug adapter comes in handy when you're travelling to different countries or cities and need to charge multiple devices or even just one with a different plug point. Be prepared to plug and play wherever you go. Recommended brands: Squirrel universal travel worldwide adapter & Travel Blue All-in-one adapter

With the abundance of data you have on your laptop, smartphone and email, it's wise to have it backed up all the time. A pen drive may suffice as a temporary solution but invest in a sturdy hard drive so the next time your laptop or smart phone needs to be formatted, you needn't worry as it is all stored safely. Recommended brands: Seagate Backup plus & WD Passport Ultra

The gaming console of 2015 goes above and beyond just games! It's the equivalent of an entertainment unit which can be utilized as a DVD player, storage space and much more! It is also a great way to sit back, relax and indulge in some escapism. Recommended brands: Xbox & PS4

Headphones let a corporate on the move telecommunicate with his clients while multi-tasking. It's also the best thing to have when stuck at the airport. A good pair of headphones or earphones has sound clarity, precision and noise cancelling features. Recommended brands: Beats & Bose

With printers now allowing you to email a document and send out print commands over a Wi-Fi connection, they're a handy tool to ensure your documents are on your table before you get there. Recommended brands: HP & Canon

Having a regular watch is pass. With reminders about your flight or meeting, notifications about what's happening on your social networks and acting like your personal fitness instructor, it's a must have in your list of gadgets. My choice, of course, would be the dynamic Apple Watch. Recommended brands: Apple Watch & Moto G watch

(The author is CEO of MindShift Interactive)

Published on: Jun 04, 2015, 10:43 AM IST
Posted by: Gaytri Madhura, Jun 04, 2015, 10:43 AM IST