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Events and happenings in and around the world

Events and happenings in and around the world

The newest London property JW Marriott puts a refreshing spin on luxury hospitality. Taking comfort beyond the norm, checking-in gives you access to a designer lifestyle.

Grosvenor House Grosvenor House
Designer Hospitality
JW Marriott's newest London property puts a refreshing spin on luxury hospitality. Taking comfort beyond the norm, checking-in gives you access to a designer lifestyle.

The Marriott group in London has teamed up with some of the biggest names in luxury to ensure that a visit to Grosvenor House offers an experience of unparalelled comfort. The hospitality giant has forged partnerships with leading brands in areas ranging from food and wellness to art and nutrition. So when you check into this property, service goes farbeyond the four walls of your suite. Here's what you can expect: in addition to curating exhibitions at the property. the auction house Christie's will provide What Not to Miss Guides, with a comprehensive listing of events occuring during your visit. Tumi will advise guests on how to streamline their travel needs, while the in-house nutritionist Keri Glassman will offer expert tips on staying fit during your stay. Joining this impressive line-up will be Etude Wines and Aromatherapy Associates. And each of these experts will contribute to the upcoming quarterly inroom magazine. Make sure you get your Grosvenor experience.

The king of kebabs
The world's most expensive kebab comes at a whopping $1,220. Created by British celebrity chef Andy Bates in London, this mouth watering treat justifies its price by using exotic ingredients like saffron infused bread and the meat of milk-fed Pyrenees lambs. It comes garnished with edible gold leaf and accompanied by champagne-doused mint and cucumber yogurt.
In First Place
China's been galloping ahead of the world for a while now. And the latest race its won, is the run for supremacy in the world auction market. A report by the French Auction Market Authority shows that China took over third place from France in 2004 and replaced Britain in second position in 2009. In March this year, Artprice, a French specialist in the art market, reported that the country had finally overtaken the United States and established itself as number one. These findings are based on a wide spectrum of auction items including oil paintings, sculptures, engravings and photographs. The country now holds 34.3 per cent of the global market share in art. Beat that!

Thrash for cash

Stress management make way. The new way to deal with pent-up emotions is to just let them out. The members-only club - The Destruction Company - sure seems to think so, and judging by their popularity, they might have found a replacement for anger management. They offer elite clientele the freedom to smash what they like, with a weapon of their choice. A random act of destruction is thus transformed into well planned and executed action. Here's how it works. First, choose your object of angst; furniture, cars, electricals, pottery, a guitar or piano. The list is endless and can accommodate special requests. Next, pick a weapon; a chainsaw, bat, hammer, golfclub, sledgehammer and so on. Once you've picked your target, proceed to a warehouse where you don protective gear. Get set to make a muck, and go, while a camera films your demonic alter-ego. All for an annual fee plus the cost of casualties.
The BT More Playlist
New releases

Patrick Wolf, Lupercalia

Leaving behind his glum outlook on life and ditching the schmaltz for a more stripped down sound works wonders on this album.

Paul Simon, So Beautiful Or So What

The newly minted septugenarian still has songwriting chops and grace in bucketloads. This is a real comeback

Paul McCartney, McCartney
Sir Paul, the godfather of lo-fi DIY? Strange but true, as this superb re-issue of his debut album shows. some great bonus music, this is a must-buy.

F**ked Up, David
Comes To Life Never mind the pottymouthed name. This is edgy, catchy pop you can dance-and-swear along-to.

Bon Iver, Bon Iver
American songwriting phenomenon comes back with a roaring follow-up album featuring a big sound and a bigger heart.

6 things to do this month

1. New York Fringe Festival This alternative arts festival in the Big Apple transforms the lower east side of Manhattan into a melting pot of activity, creativity and diversity. Scattered across a variety of quaint venues, it's where you need to be if you want to sample the fringe scene of this pulsing city. To be held from August 13-28.

2. The Big Chill Festival Offering a multitude of performances, this is one of the biggest and most fun festivals in the UK. Enjoy a wide variety of comedy, film, video art, and dance performances. Also, live music in genres ranging from jazz to hip hop and electronic. This year's main headliner is rap artist Kanye West. Be there from August 4-7, to be a part of the mayhem.

Roger Federer
Roger Federer
3. Tennis US Open Like every year prior, this year's US open will be held from August 29 to September 12 in Queens, New York. A premier sporting event, it draws tennis fans from all over the world on an annual pilgrimage. It's the enduring lure of new champions and great rivalries that draws them here. Grab a ticket and head to Arthur Ashe stadium.

4. Van Heusen India Men's Week
Still in its nascent years, the Van Heusen men's fashion week is organised by the Fashion Design Council of India. It has climbed on merit to 4th position on the global men's fashion platform. This chic event begins on August 27.

5. Culture collection Bringing together 150 exhibitors from various disciplines of art and design, this event facilitates interaction between creators and their target audience. Make sure you're around to ask your questions and be part of an eclectic experience. The event begins on August 18.

6. Notting Hill Street Carnival Get ready for the biggest two-day street party in London. With oversized floats, incredible performances, delicious food and party people arriving from across the world, the streets are overrun with cheer, colour and talent. August 28 and 29.

Kanye West
Kanye West is all set to make his foray into fashion.
The Good Life
After singing and rapping his way to the top of the charts, it looks like Kanye West is all set to make his foray into fashion. West is currently working on the official debut of his own line of clothes. As with all his other ventures, he seems to have done his homework well. He was spotted at the front row of several designer catwalks at the Autumn/ Winter 2011 shows, observing, appreciating and taking copious notes. West is not a total fashion greenhorn. He designed a line of trainers for Louis Vuitton in 2009, and earlier this year he came out with a collection of silk scarves inspired by the artwork of his album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. With the singer's creative flair and record of past success, the expectations for his fashion line are already mounting. Currently sequestered in his studio in Paris, West is hoping to deliver yet another hit.

Rock Solid
If you thought Kate Middleton got a heck of of a rock for her ring finger, this will make it look like a pebble. Colombia, producer of 55 per cent of the world's emeralds, is in possession of an 11,000-karat, raw green emerald weighing 2.27 kg. This massive uncut gem is being touted as the world's biggest emerald. It was discovered 12 years ago by miners in South America's Boyaca province. The gem is currently owned by the Coexminas firm, and its value is priceless! The rock, now on display in Bogota, is manned by five guards round the clock. A maximum of 15 people are allowed to gaze upon it at any given time. Can't put a price tag on that, can you?

Ian Pearson
Ian Pearson
The Future of Hospitality
Renowned futurologist Ian Pearson has gazed into a crystal ball and given us a glimpse of the future. Predicting the way hotels and travel is going to evolve by the year 2030, he has put some rather unimaginable albeit interesting concepts out there. Pearson projects that the entire hotel will be an extended interactive platform for an augmented reality experience. Imagine choosing the layout of your room with video/ audio panels everywhere, plus sleep monitoring followed by special pillows that lull you to sleep with a neck massage and wake you in the morning with in-built alarms, a workout session with a virtual trainer, and even virtual lovemaking. If that seems far-fetched today, time has proved many a disbeliever wrong.

Sounds Like You Know About miniature paintings

Hailed for its intricate design and pictorial story telling style, this art form is both an exercise in extreme realism and a simple display of life.

1. Often misunderstood as miniscule, the word miniature is derived from the Latin words 'minium' which stands for red lead paint used in illuminated manuscripts and 'miniare' which means colour with red lead. So, red is often used as the base.

2. Much before the advent of the printing press, miniatures served the purpose of documenting manuscripts through illustrations.

3. The origins of this art form can be traced to ancient Egypt where it was practised on papyrus scrolls. It is also mentioned in the Celtic book of Kells and England's Lindisfarne Gospels.

4. In the 17th century, Queen Elizabeth I established supremacy by commissioning her miniature portraits.

5. In India, the Deccani and Mughal schools capture the Islamic character of royalty through portraits and court sketches.

The World Federation of Art Miniaturists and the Hillard Society of miniaturists in UK are two organisations committed to saving this dying art.

iWANT thisiPAD
When it comes to luxe, it's hard to say how much is too much. Adding another item to the everexpanding list of glam goodies is the special edition iPad launched by Camael Diamonds. Superseding its bespoke counterparts, this iPad offers more than just compact portability. Priced at a gulp-worthy $ 1.2 million, it begins to be a bargain when you consider everything. Here's what you're getting for your money: 1 kg of 18 carat gold and 300 carats of diamonds, and black diamonds on the apple logo and home button. Even if the technology gets dated, diamonds are forever.

Razor Sharp
Admittedly, $1,00,000 might seem more than a little unreasonable for a razor. But when it's a razor made of iridium, the substance derived from meteorites and used in aerospace components like rocket engines, it all begins to make sense. The world's most expensive razor sports a body of iridium, with sapphire blades held together by platinum screws. Launched internationally by Zafirro, the product guarantees durability, and a close shave like never before.

Published on: Aug 04, 2011, 12:00 AM IST
Posted by: Navneeta N, Aug 04, 2011, 12:00 AM IST