Products that can increase desirability quotient

Products that can increase desirability quotient

Inspired by Zenith's automatic Captain Line of the 50s, the watch has a streamlined design and is enlarged to its present day size of 40mm.

Zenith's elite captain dual time

Inspired by Zenith's automatic Captain Line of the 50s, the watch has a streamlined design and is enlarged to its present day size of 40mm. It is equipped with a GMT hand with a different design and a blue pointer that ensures optimum readability. The hand is set using a push-piece at 10 o'clock, making it possible to adjust the second zone with a simple gesture. Encased in a steel case, this comes in variants of black and silver. While the chic alligator strap goes with any sporty look, the metal bracelet crafts an elegant feel. To leave a lasting impression, just strap on.
Price: On Request

Osim uAstro massage chair

If long and strenuous work hours leave you feeling drained, this massage chair is just what you need to unwind and relax. You can choose the full body massage of the roller system, which combines steady, firm and gradual strokes along with the calming squeezing of the airbags. The full air technology works on 50 airbags which provide a pushing sensation in terms of relieving stiffness and soothing aches to keep the entire body in balance and harmony. It's time for the busy beavers to breathe easy!
Price: Rs 2,95,000

DesignGO microfan

If the thought of sweat and heat deters you from stepping out in the peak of summer, here's a palm size solution. A must have in your travel kit, this is the smallest and sleekest portable fan in the world. Its powerful wind and blade ratio is driven by a 10,000 RPM micro motor which makes it effective even in extreme temperatures. When not in use, its rectratable blades slide gracefully into its rubberised tactile body which conceals a AAA battery. It is available in white, black and purple. Well, nobody minds a little fan following.
Price: Rs 595

Travel blue digi pouch

Packing up gadgets of frequent use can be quite a task since you need to keep them safe and yet easily accessible. This new pouch comes with protective cushioning and can be strapped on the shoulder or the belt. It incorporates an ear phone access and is suitable for all sizes of MP3 players, digital cameras and mobile phones. The internal soft cushioning forms a protective layer for the gadgets and a black stylish exterior crafts a sporty look. This sure sends other travel gear packing!
Price: Rs 575

Oriflame Flamboyant Edt

A fresh surprise from the strong scents that have symbolised charming men since ages! The fragrance draws on fruity notes. While the top notes are citrusy, the base is set in cedarwood musk. It comes in an elegant translucent bottle with a metallic logo and cap and makes a great gift for men who want to be different.
Price: Rs 1,590 for 75 ml

HTC Pulse

The Android world is beginning to resemble a city that never sleeps! Joining the party, this new handheld features a 3.2" HVGA touch screen that works on HTC's sense technology. It gives you the option of increasing and upgrading features with thousands of free and paid applications through an unlimited and continuous access to the Android market. It comes packed with a 5 megapixel camera with auto focus, a memory extendable to 32GB and a talk time of 214 minutes. Its bizzare Footprint feature helps to memorise footprints by saving a photo of the location and thus provides precise GPS position and location information.
Price: Rs 18,000

Adidas NBA T-Shirts

Bringing the excitement of NBA closer to you, Adidas has launched a host of official t-shirts featuring top players including LeBron James of the Miami Heat, Kobe Bryant of Los Angeles Lakers and Kevin Garnett of Boston Celtics. Featuring large graphics, they're colourful and sporty and are available in all sizes. Take your pick and step out to shoot some hoops!
Price range: Rs 999 to Rs 4,499

Viavero loafers

If fashion is a science, Italian craftsmanship is a fact! Boasting the Italian trait of attention to detail, these loafers are intricately designed and feature perforations throughout the body. The shoes are set in Nappa leather and their design swears by flexibility and durability. The range is available in dark brown, tan and black. While the laceless ones complete any formal look, the others are chic and casual.
Price: Rs 7,850

Montblanc wallet

When it comes to wallets, people judge the inside by what's on the outside! This French full grain wallet is set in calf-skin and adorns the Montblanc logo. While a glossy finish plays out its edgy design, two spacious internal pockets add to its functionality.
Price: Rs 19,450

Zippo Zodiac lighters

What's the point of carrying a lighter which just lights your smoke when you can flaunt one that brightens your life! Done up in vibrant colours, these lighters feature karmicmotifs of the different sun signs. Complete with fancy Zippo packaging, these colourful little somethings make an interesting personalised gift, for even the non smokers. Backed by a lifetime warranty, theclassic range is available in select retail outlets across the country.
Price: Rs 2,125

Sheaffer Prelude Mini Series

Till a little while ago, making a statement with one's writing was about choosing the right words. Today, it means much more. Elegant works of art, these compact size ballpoint pens are available in Brushed Crome, Black Laqu, Gold Tone Trim, Black and Palladium, Rose Gold, Translucent Red and Gloss White. They work on a twist action mechanism and boast high quality carbide tips. Encased in a luxury gift box, the range comes with a 3 year warranty.
Price: Rs 1,750 for each

TAG Heuer Cufflinks

Exploiting the virtue of inspiration, these classic cufflinks draw on the crown design of TAG Heuer's Carrera 43mm chronograph. Set in lacquered black and adorned with a seven carat sapphire crystal head, these come with an easy to use foot which opens up to 180. For an understated elegant look, try them on!
Price: Rs 9,000