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Three Bollywood stars tell men how to style a white shirt

Three Bollywood stars tell men how to style a white shirt

A white shirt isn't the only time you should flaunt this colour. Three Bollywood stars show you how to go white and fantastic!

There are certain colours which never go out of style. They remain popular across seasons, age and gender. White is one such hue that's cemented its place firmly on fashion grounds. Whether it is Indian or western, there is no denying the charm of this shade of purity.

But unfortunately for men, white most often gets limited to the classic white shirt only. Men seem to be happy keeping this colour to the bare basics while shying away from wearing it in any other form.

What they don't understand is just how multi-faceted this pristine colour is. There is more to white than just the classic formal shirt or t-shirt and we've got three of the most well-dressed men in Bollywood showing you exactly how to go white in style.

Rahul Khanna

This boutique Bollywood actor is certainly one of the best dressed men in town.  You'll almost always find him constantly pushing the envelope with his clothes. In this look, he's given an interesting twist to the classic suit with white shirt combo. Who said the jacket of the suit has to be of the same shade as your trousers with the shirt standing out? Rahul shows you how you can colour coordinate your shirt and trousers and add the pop with the jacket. He's also brought in the classic black tie with this look turning it into an extremely fashionable appearance that's perfect for both formal and casual occasions.

Imran Khan

The youngest member of the Bollywood best-dressed men clique, Imran Khan proved rather early in his career that he has a style of his own. His well-fitted suits have always rocked the red carpet and here he's seen giving a white makeover to the classic tuxedo. Most men dare not shift from the black tuxedo for any formal event but Imran shows just how dishy the white tuxedo looks. He's kept the trousers black in contrast with the shirt and jacket and accessorised the look with a black bow-tie. The highlight? The gorgeous red pocket square! Blockbuster look!

Saif Ali Khan

No one in Bollywood does traditional better than the Nawab of Pataudi himself. Saif Ali Khan in a classic Indian look is a sight for the sore eyes. His inherent sophistication and royal lineage shine through his looks. And unlike most men who'd shy away from going all white with Indian, Saif shows you just how incredible it looks. He's got a white kurta-pyjama with a white Nehru jacket along with a pocket square that gives the only dash of colour. Notice how his kurta and pyjama aren't of a lose fit either. Steal this look for the next wedding you attend!

Published on: Nov 21, 2013, 2:21 PM IST
Posted by: Gaytri Madhura, Nov 21, 2013, 2:21 PM IST