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Cruise the high seas and fly across the world in style and discover what luxury is all about.

Celebrity Cruises from Royal Caribbean

Fly across the world in style
Fly across the world in style
Why you must take this trip: If you have not taken this cruise, you ain’t seen it all yet. Celebrity Cruises is the world’s highest-rated premium cruise line and sails to Alaska, the Caribbean and Scandinavia, among other places. There is an individual butler service in all suites. It’s the only cruise line to boast of separate Martini bars, champagne bars with caviar and Michael’s Clubs with live piano.

Starting at Rs 6 lakh plus taxes per couple for the 14-day Scandinavia cruise (ex-UK). However, take at least Rs 12 lakh per person for the trip.
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Diamond First Class, Etihad Airways

What luxury is all about
What luxury is all about
Why you must take this flight: A dining room just for you, 30,000 feet up in the air?

Now that’s luxury. Etihad Airways’ Diamond First Class is the last word in luxurious experiences in the sky.

Seats that recline into flat beds, privacy shells, amazing food and an exclusive Diamond First Class lounge are the hallmarks of a truly pleasurable journey.

Take the long flight to JFK on this and you can boast about it to all and sundry.

Rs 3 lakh plus taxes (ex-Thiruvananthapuram, ex-Mumbai/ Delhi: Rs 2.5 lakh plus taxes)