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The Connoisseur's phrasebook

The Connoisseur's phrasebook

Things to say at a tasting.

1 Dram
• Firm texture, smoky on the nose with notes of sultanas and apricots.

• A shy nose, but warm and peaty on the follow through, and an oak finish.

• A dignified taste, but dark flavours bloom on the palate, with a salty end.

• Medium-bodied, with a rich smoky taste with malty, fruity notes and a minty end

• Full-bodied taste, with a youthful nutty, peaty middle and a spicy finish.

2 Drams
• Dignified with a soft nose, but dark flavours abound on the palate with a salty end.

• Hints of cherry pie, citrus and melon. The grassiness is subdued by grape stalk.

• Plump fruit on the nose, peaty, smoky. Mingled tones of ginger and nutmeg create a spicy palette, rounded out with a smooth vanilla finish.

• Sherry nose with a woody bouquet, a hint of vanilla; fullbodied and round with a complex, patience-yielding palate and a long, lingering finish.

• A hard nose with a rich smoky taste, malty fruit notes and a hint of a sea breeze.

3 Drams
• A squishy nose of butter with a hint of marmalade and ex-girlfriends. A firm, chocolate follow-through, and a sad, cinnamon finish. She doesn’t love me after all.

• A ferocious nose, I hear trumpets and a bar fight, followed by a skip through fields of toast and fudge.

• I'm rafting down a river of honey with a nose full of peat and lemon peel. I think my raft is made of smoke. I'm drowning!

• She’s a naughty, ticklish geranium, made of sultanas and dates. I wonder if she’s interested in an older man.

• It's raining sherry and my cake is melting. The mint is wrestling the apricots. I think the bagpipes are winning.

Forget bagpipes and piccolos. The soundtrack to whisky is rock ’n roll. Here’s a playlist.
Jerry Lee Lewis
It Was the Whiskey Talkin’ (Not Me)
A neat summing up of that age-old excuse

Thin Lizzy
Whiskey In the Jar
Proof that whiskey drinking and tough guy swagger go hand in hand

The Doors
Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)
Their cover of this old Kurt Weill-Bertolt Brecht number breathes hip existential angst

Uncle Tupelo
Whiskey Bottle
The bottle or Jesus? Uncle Tupelo can’t decide Willie Dixon If the Sea was Whiskey The blues and whiskey, they sure do go hand in hand!

John Barleycorn Must Die
Their cover of this Elizabethan folk song on a ban on whisky is a classic

John Lee Hooker
One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer
Them blues again. Only this time, distinction between blends do not matter The Pogues Streams of Whiskey This Irish trad/punk band reclaims the drink that is rightfully theirs!

Whisky and Green Tea
Curiouser and curiouser…who’d know that they would mix?

ZZ Top
Whiskey’n Mama
Really, what is it with wild women and whiskey?