The fastest cars in India

The fastest cars in India

If you have a passion for speed, it doesn’t get any better than this.

If you have a passion for speed, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Lamborghini Murcielago LP640

This is the world’s wildest supercar. Insanely fast, difficult to control, impossible to live with and stunning to look at.

 Engine: 6496cc V12
 Power: 640 SAE horsepower
 Torque: 650Nm
 Top speed: 330 kmph
 0-100 kmph: 3.3 seconds
 Price: Starts at Rs 3 crore
On paper, its statistics are hard to beat, but in the car you are hanging on for dear life and won’t be bothered with statistics.

The only problem is that there are very, very few roads in India on which you can drive this car at full throttle. At 640 horsepower, this is enough to make the world turn the other way.




 BMW M3 Coupe

 Engine: 3999cc V8
Power: 414 SAE horsepower
 Torque: 400Nm
 Top speed: 250 kmph
(electronically limited)
 0-100 kmph: 4.1 seconds
 Price: Starts at Rs 75 lakh

For the last 20 years, the BMW M3 has been the best small sportscar in the world.

The latest generation M3, launched a few weeks ago, has a carbon-fibre roof to cut weight and is available in colours such as Interlagos Blue, Jerez Black and Silverstone II—invoking the names of some of the world’s top race tracks.

The car has a monstrous 4-litre high-revving engine and produces a huge 414 brake horsepower.




Porsche 911 GT2

You cannot think “super-duper car” until you think of this German legend.

 Engine: 3596cc turbocharged
6-cylinder inline
 Power: 530 SAE horsepower
Torque: 685Nm
 Top speed: 328 kmph
 0-100 kmph: 3.6 seconds
 Price: Starts at Rs 1.8 crore
For almost five decades, the 911 has defined the supercar and the GT2 is its ultimate iteration.

While it shares the 3.6 litre straight six engine with other 911s— this one produces an immense 523 horsepower. Big, brutish and German, this is a good fast car.







Bugatti Veyron

There are a lot of fast, expensive cars in the world, but you don’t need to look much farther than the Bugatti Veyron to find the “ultimate” car. Yet, the $2.5 million (Rs 10 crore) Veyron is not available in India. But, if you want speed, don’t be disheartened. If you have a few crores lying idle and are relatively unaffacted by the slump in the markets, you could use the money on any of the fast cars mentioned above, which are available out of showrooms right here in your city.