The sound of music

The sound of music

In car-entertainment systems were never this good. Check out what’s on offer.

Got yourself a classy new set of wheels? What it needs now is a top-class in-car entertainment system. While the world went to see the Tata Nano at the Auto Expo, we also had a close look at the latest and greatest in-car entertainment technology.

Pioneer AVH -P6850

Pioneer AVH -P6850
Pioneer AVH -P6850
This DVD player has an inbuilt Digital Sound Processor (DSP) and screen that can be adjusted according to your needs. Watch your favourite film on the 7-inch-wide touch screen when you go for a long drive; or listen to some great music. Just make sure it’s not you who’s driving, though.

This system has a Bluetooth attached to it, so you can also receive phone calls here instead of rummaging your bag for the cell phone. This firstof-its-kind 2-DIN, front loading 6-disc DVD changer will provide in-car entertainment like never before.
Price: Rs 70,000

Optical Digital Output
Built-in decoder (Dolby Digital)
3 RCA pre-outs (front + rear + subwoofer)
Joystick remote control
Built-in Graphic Display Controller
Spectrum analyser

Blaupunkt Velocity 2Go 6

Blaupunkt Velocity 2Go 6
Velocity 2Go 6
The bigger brother of the 2Go 5—the Velocity 2Go 6 employs 6.5-inch woofers and 1-inch tweeters. It is built with extremely high-grade materials to ensure outstanding performance, durability, and appearance.

The enclosures are made almost entirely of aluminium, with MDF internal walls for reduced cabinet resonance. The aluminium speaker ports also function as amplifier heat sinks and the cooling flow of air increases in proportion to power levels. However, this system is expensive and heavier than the earlier edition—the 2Go 5.

Price: Rs 28,500

Dimensions: 480 x 220 x 240 mm
Weight: 7 kg
Max. power: 160 watts
Frequency response: 540-120 Hz/ 40-25.000 Hz
Inputs: RCA/high-level/aux
Power supply: 12V/ 230V/rechargeable battery (optional)

Alpine iDA-X100

Alpine iDA-X100
Alpine iDA-X100
Can’t listen to your iPod while travelling in your car? Here’s a solution from Alpine—a system that enables you to listen to your iPod in your car. The X100 sports a 2.2-inch touch screen that mimics the iPod’s user interface. It can also play audio directly from newer iPods through a USB connection.

The X100 works with the IMPRINT technology that dynamically adjusts sound to fit the acoustics of the car and also supports adapters for satellite radio and Bluetooth audio from cell phones.
Price: Rs 22,000

Power: 4 x 50 watt high power amp
Formats: MP3/AAC/WMA playback
USB connection for iPod, full speed connection for
iPod touch and previous iPod models with dock
connector; Display: 2.2” high resolution TFT, 24-bit
DAC, Bluetooth Ready with audio streaming,
SAT Radio ready


This power-packed offering from JVC has a TV tuner card, a feature few other in-car entertainment systems can boast of.

The 7-inch touch screen panel gives you fantastic picture quality and you can also attach your iPod to this system. It has video input terminals for a camera and a headphone surround system. The AV output is gold plated.
Price: Rs 55,990

Formats: DVD-R/-RW/MP3/AAC/WMA playback
Power: 50 watt x 4 high-power amp
MOS-FET power amplifier
Video input terminals for camera
SD Card Slot -JPEG/AAC/MP3/WMA Playable
5.1 Channel Dolby Digital

Pimp your car

Make your car stand out
Modify your car

Make your car stand out in a crowd with some great modifications.

Scissor doors

The “Scissor Door” is now available in easy conversion kits in India. Getting this door fitted on your car is not rocket science. The kit comes with all the parts and replacements required so that you can pretend your Honda Civic has the soul of a raging bull. Such doors are available in “single-shocker” and “double-shocker” types.

Price: Rs 65,000 for single shocker door set; Rs 1 lakh for double shocker

Parking sensors camera

Parking and reversing sensors are features usually found in only the most expensive vehicles, but now you can get these fitted to your compact car as well. A 3”x 4” screen mounted on your rear-view mirror is connected to a camera mounted on the rear bumper. This integration allows you to safely view objects behind the vehicle and avoid fender benders.

Price: Rs 11,000 for a 3”x 4” screen plus camera

Body Kit Material or ABS kits

This refers to a set of add-ons, including front and rear bumpers, front and rear lips, side skirts, air scoops, fender extenders, and spoilers. ABS body kits have many advantages: anti-bumping (reduces damage to the body of the car, nondistortion, toughness as well as heat and coldresistance). ABS automobile body kits give your car a sporty look. These kits are available for most high-end cars.

Price: Rs 20,000-35,000

LED display and warning buzzer

This is suitable for parallel parking or keeping a safe distance between your car and the next one, especially in the dark. It has ultrasonic-measuring technology with a microcomputer and consists of four precise ultrasonic sensors, a control box, distance display and a buzzer. The auto detect barrier is turned on automatically while reversing and detects obstacles at the rear of the car at a distance of between 1.5 m and 0.2 m. The distance is indicated through three colours and seven lights.

Price: Rs 1,500

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