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Top five essentials to reinvent your look this year

Top five essentials to reinvent your look this year

Get your spring style in place with the latest designer collections. We round up the top five essentials to reinvent your look this year. Prep your wardrobe and wear it right.

For the fashion-conscious, 2012 offers a million new ways to dress right. From slick hair down to derby shoes, style your look from head to toe this season. We bring you the latest trends and fashion accessories right off the runways from New York to Milan. Make a statement and let your look do all the talking.


A perfect blend of comfort, fit and fashion, loafers continue to hold their ground even in the Spring/Summer collections of 2012. This spring, they get a slight makeover. The deep, bold hues of winter are replaced by jaunty prints and visible seams, adding an element of warmth to the chill.

Rhett Butler's iconic slicked-back hair was symbolic of a man confident enough to accept how he looked. Take a page out of his book and go for that clean, pulled-back hairdo.

Nothing says 'stylish' like a hat. In 2012, phase out the broader-rimmed Fedora for the sharper, narrower Trilby hat. Where slim-fits head for the door elsewhere, the hat is one accessory that's still downsizing.


You could be fashionable or functional; either way, the man bag is a good idea. Covering the spectrum of fabrics from suede and canvas to crocodile leather, these man bags bridge the gap between style and convenience.


The best way to complement modernity is by juxtaposing it with vintage. Ranging from elastic to silk, suspenders make a big comeback in 2012. This blast-from-the-past accessory is a definite must-have.

Published on: Jan 05, 2012, 12:00 AM IST
Posted by: Navneeta N, Jan 05, 2012, 12:00 AM IST