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The Digitally Luxe Life

Smart homes, where every feature can be remotely controlled, are growing in India, but they come at a steep price.
twitter-logo Nidhi Singal        Print Edition: October 11, 2015
The Digitally Luxe Life
Samsung SUHD TV 65-inch

Samsung SUHD TV 65-inch

Your entertainment experience can be enhanced with this curved SUHD TV from Samsung. This 65-inch TV offers great reproduction, brightness, contrast, and details.  The Nano Brightness provides up to 2.5 times brighter images and Nano Contrast generates up to 10 times better contrast.  It runs on Tizen OS and offers smart TV functionality too. It is easy to sync with your home automation solution.

Kohler Veil Intelligent Toilets

Luxury and technology are not just restricted to your living rooms and kitchen, but your bathrooms too. This is a one-piece toilet accompanied with an LCD remote control that can adjust the warm air and water temperature. There are self cleaning functions too using UV light and electrolysed water system to sanitise the bidet wand surface.

Blueair Classic 650E

The rising air pollution can take a toll on your health. It would be ideal to have an air purifier in every room of your house. Designed for large rooms of up to 700 square feet, this one has got electronic sensors and on-off timer. The speed settings can be changed using remote according to the actual amount of particles and gaseous contaminants in the air.

Panasonic A8000

This high-end home projector from Panasonic can offer a 3D home experience. Mounted on the ceiling, it can be connected to your individual gadgets or even to the common server for streaming content or getting videos on demand. Capable of reproducing great colours and projection, just pair it with your favourite speakers. Although we still don't have much on 4k content, you can still buy one while travelling abroad. You can combine it with a luxury recliner that can be specifically designed for your needs by Recliner India.

LG Inverter Air Conditioner

Centralised air conditioning should work well in a luxury smart home yet you can consider the Inverter V Air Conditioners with Mosquito Away technology from LG. The new models also come with Himalaya Cool and Monsoon Comfort technologies, developed especially for Indian weather conditions. Ensuring 1.7 times faster cooling, the Inverter V AC has the Variable Tonnage Technology which reduces energy consumption by up to 66 per cent.

Grohe F-Digital Deluxe Shower

This masterpiece from GROHE can convert your existing bathroom into a home spa. It comes with modules that add coloured light to shower cabin and even play music. It also offers steam to detox your body.

Anchor Domina Plus

Anchor offers a smart home automation solution that can automate almost everything in your house, from fans to windows blinds to lights, etc. The cost of a 700 sq. ft. house with basic integration such as lights on/ off, curtain control, AC control comes to around Rs 3 lakh to Rs 4 lakh with Domina Plus.

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