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SCMHRD, Pune: Great leap up

Geetanjali Shukla | Print Edition: September 4, 2011

It is the institute that has made the biggest jump in rankings - from 37th in 2010 to 12th this year. Symbiosis International University's 'other' management school, Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development, or SCMHRD, which started off specialising in HR, but now offers other management streams as well, has even left the autonomous university's primary B-school, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, behind.

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How was it achieved? Most agree that the current Director K.S. Subramanian, who took over in 2005, has played a key role, primarily by building closer ties with industry. Business houses now advise the institute on its syllabi, while at least one business representative sits on its interview board when students are being admitted. SCMHRD has also redesigned some courses to meet industry expectations, and started new ones. In 2009, for instance, it added a specialisation in infrastructure management.

Watch SCMHRD, Pune director talk about corporate interaction

Subramanian has also stressed on research, freely providing sabbaticals to faculty members who want to pursue it. The institute has begun subscribing to four key databases over the past year, like that of the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy, at an annual cost of Rs 11 lakh. It has also tied up with Harvard Business School to make the school's research publications available to all. SCMHRD also provides its students with considerable exposure to software platforms such as SAP and Oracle.

But what has benefited SCMHRD the most is its hands-on approach to teaching. Says Subramanian: "We don't teach management to our students. It cannot be taught. It has to be learnt. We provide them the learning circumstances."

(How to read our parameter-wise tables: Respondents were given the option of ranking each college on each attribute on a 1 to 10 scale, with 1 corresponding to very poor/completely unwilling and 10 corresponding to excellent/most willing. We have displayed here only those responses that were rated 9 or 10. Our top-ranked school, IIM-Bangalore, for instance, shows a reputation score of 37.  This means that 37 per cent of respondents gave IIM-B a score of 9 or 10 for its reputation. Similarly, for other scores. Although the tables reflect these higher rankings (the upper two boxes of our dataset), our overall B-school ranking takes into account all scores, even the lower ones.)

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