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Emami's R.S. Agarwal says he got his best advice from Sri R.S. Goenka

Emami's R.S. Agarwal says he got his best advice from Sri R.S. Goenka

Emami's R.S. Agarwal says he got his best advice from Sri R.S. Goenka

R.S. Agarwal, Chairman, Emami R.S. Agarwal, Chairman, Emami
I have been fortunate to have rubbed shoulders with the most eminent personalities of Indian and international fame. But my source of inspiration for shaping my life has always remained my close friend Sri R.S. Goenka. His counsel has been - love others, listen to others, live for others. Attain peace by bringing peace to others.

Achievements should be considered stepping stones for uplifting the mind. You should become a patient and loving guide to the mind to attain communion with the life force within. This will bring clarity of thought, enhance the memory and inculcate the passion to innovate. You will also be graced with divine blessings. Following these steps will automatically bring astounding success. It will also bring harmony within the family, eliminating conflicts with wife, children and relatives, and will bring peace and happiness to others.

My Guru Sri Sri Raghaveshwara Bharathi Mahaswamiji Sri Shankaracharyyaji has taught me to be witty and disciplined and a giver. He has also emphasised the importance of gaining control over anger.

Being a cardiac patient, I have developed the art of living with controlled food habits. That keeps me active and confident.

I remember Mr Alyque Padamsee telling me and my children many a times that God is in the details. I fully endorse and follow his views. It has been my experience that with clarity of mind nothing will frighten or overawe you. You would be emboldened to face and overcome anything that obstructs your path. You will also understand that no opportunity is the last and lost forever. Therefore, you would not spend sleepless nights worrying about trifle matters. The gateway to higher wisdom will stand revealed before you to step through. After that, for you there would be no better and no worse, because you will see light in everything. You will know and realise that everyone has a destiny to fulfil. This will bring progress with realism in business and life.