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Know your investor type

Know your investor type

Are you afraid of risk? Do you love credit cards? Take this quiz to find out how your attitude to money determines your investor profile.

Are you afraid of risk? Do you love credit cards? Take this quiz to find out how your attitude to money determines your investor profile.

1. Your company has announced a bonus of Rs 50,000. What will you do with the windfall?
a) I will add the Nikon D 5000 to my collection of three cameras.
b) I will clear the long overdue credit card bill.
c) I will invest in an NSC.
d) I will wait for the cheque.

2. At the new Japanese restaurant, what do you do while choosing your meal?
a) Order everything that seems delicious. Never mind if some food goes to waste.
b) Order very little and share from the dishes ordered by others.
c) Stick to sushi. Why try something new?
d) Take forever to decide what you want to eat.

3. What is your financial resolution for 2010?
a) To buy only what you need.
b) To pre-pay a loan.
c) To invest in the stock market, no matter what.
d) What resolution?

4. A publisher loved your blog and has offered a contract to write a book of 15,000 words. What is your reaction?
a) The word count is too less. The introduction itself will exhaust 2,000-3,000 words.
b) Completing the book depends on so many external factors.
c) Sign it right away. Why bother with fine print?
d) It is a good offer.

5. For your friend's gift, what do you do?
a) Buy 2-3 gifts to give the friend more choice.
b) Ask a friend to get a gift.
c) Stick to standard gifts.
d) Buy the gift on the way to the bash.

6. What are your plans for the weekend?
a) To check into a five-star hotel.
b) To go somewhere if a friend pays for the trip.
c) To drive off where the wind blows.
d) Is it the weekend already?

7. A new company has launched a mobile phone. You think:
a) How quickly can I buy it?
b) Will the dealer let me pay in instalments?
c) The reviews aren’t good. But let me buy it.
d) Still thinking….

8. When your real estate broker asks you to pay Rs 2 lakh for a parking lot, what is your reaction?
a) I may have visitors. Can I book three?
b) Can't I just use someone else's parking lot on a monthly rent?
c) I will park the car on the road. It won't add to the cost of the apartment.
d) Do I have to pay extra for the parking lot?

9. Your monthly mobile bill is too high. What's your reaction?
a) Did I talk so much?
b) When will I stop paying the balance for the previous bill?
c) Why should I pay so much? Let me see what the service provider does.
d) Isn't the due date 10 days away?

The four investor profiles based on behaviour patterns

More 'A's: You spend a lot on needless acquisitions and waste your resources. Spendthrifts

More 'B's: You live on the brink, lack self-control and borrow freely. Debt Mongers

More 'C's: You take too much or too little risk and cannot find the right balance. Radicals

More 'D's: You postpone work, make hasty decisions at the last minute. Dodgers