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Trend spotting

Some regional, demographic and occupation-specific HR trends from the survey.

Some regional, demographic and occupation-specific HR trends from the survey.

 47 per cent of HR respondents think career and personal growth is Parameter No. 1 in rating a company.

47 per cent of public sector workers value merit-based evaluations vs. 18 per cent of MNC employees.

42 per cent is the rating of career and personal growth by ITES professionals, the highest among all factors of evaluation.

MNCs vs Others

  • 38 per cent MNC respondents attach importance to career and personal growth as against 17 per cent government employees.
  • 22 per cent government workers give value to training versus 8 per cent  MNC staffers.
  • 7 per cent MNC employees give importance to stress at work while 15 per cent government workers rate it as significant.

Respondents from BFSI and software sectors don’t attach much significance to company reputation. Manufacturing is most conscious.

What stress?
India's seniormost (age >33 yrs) workforce is least bothered about stress in job content.

Educated Choices:
The more educated your workforce, the lower the importance of financial compensation. Higher educated professionals give importance to training, coaching and mentoring.

Regional Preferences (Calculated weights based on importance rating):

Geographical regions Career and personal growthPrestige/ Company reputationTraining/ Coaching/ MentoringFinancial compensation and benefitsGood job content (efficient and less stressful)Merit-based performance evaluation
North—includes Rajasthan, UP
and places north of it


South—4 states + Pondicherry32111717815
East—Includes Chhattisgarh and
everything east of it
West—Gujarat, Maha, MP, Goa311310241210
Mumbai Cluster (Mumbai + Thane
+ Navi Mumbai + Pune + Virar +
any other Mumbai Suburb)
NCR (Delhi + Gurgaon + Faridabad +
Ghaziabad + Noida + Greater Noida)
3 key Southern centres (Bangalore
+Chennai + Hyderabad (including
Secunderabad, Osmania Univ))


Salaries and career growth are high on the Mumbaikar's agenda but not so much merit-based evaluations, which the eastern region is a strong votary of. NCR has low priority for training/mentoring and—surprise, surprise—financial compensation. All figures in the table are in per cent.