Good alternatives to Gmail

Good alternatives to Gmail

Gmail is still the best, but here are some good alternatives,

Remember the last time you send a personal e-mail to a non-Gmail account? Well, the answer to that question will sum up the popularity of Google's mail across the globe. Six years on, it is the world's most popular mail service with around 500 million users. For all the good things it has given us, Gmail has also spoilt us. For years, most of us never bothered to delete unnecessary emails, for Gmail had 10 GB of space. Now, we find ourselves struggling to create space for new mail.

Maybe it is time to take a relook at old favourites that have reinvented themselves for new connected generation. Use them as a second mail or switch over completely. The latter might now be that easy though.

As the name suggests, this one is for Apple users, who get this as a default with their device. For those who have an Apple account but rely on other services for mail, iCloud can work as a good backup with all files created on the iPhone or iPad being synced to this account. It is simple to use and has no clutter. As you would expect from Apple, there is no advertisement sharing space with your mail. The web client also gives you access to other Apple services like Calendar, Contact and Notes from the same landing page.

Ideal for:
Apple users who are juggling with other platforms.

Microsoft has replaced the old favourite Hotmail with Outlook. If you have a Hotmail account you can migrate that id here and mail sent to the old address will automatically land in your new Outlook inbox. Since it was launched along with Windows 8, Outlook too has a minimalist, neat and clean interface with no clutter or irritating ads. The side panel is used to give access to additional info, mostly about the person who has sent the mail. You can also connect your social network accounts to this service. It is quite easy to organise mail here as you can select multiple files and send them to a new folder. You can also assign mails from a particular sender to land in a separate folder. Welcome features for people who get scores of mails every day.

Ideal for:
People using Microsoft services, Hotmail.

Yahoo! Mail is also making a comeback of sorts and has an all-new interface and claims to be faster than before. Yahoo! has designed the new mail in such a way that the experience is consistent across all devices. With the new version you can see thumbnails of attachments without even clicking on them. This is good for those who get mails with pictures. Then you can, without any external help, send attachments as large as 100MB. And, yes, there is no size limit to your inbox. All attachments are scanned on the cloud itself, warning you beforehand about malware. Yahoo! has given access to some apps linked to services like Flickr. It has also added DropBox for sharing files.

Ideal for:
Those dealing with lots of heavy attachments.

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